Renaissance Mayflower Hotel
1127 Connecticut Ave Nw
Washington, DC

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Stayed 9/8-9/15. A few bites around my ankles went unnoticed the first few nights; thought they were mosquito bites (as usual in these cases). Then got eaten alive evening of 9/14 but didn't develop serious reaction until had already checked out. Serious problem - had to load up on the hydro-cortisone. Had them before in Hawaii, so I know when I've been breakfast-lunch-dinner for the things. Hopefully they didn't travel home with me; let the nightmares begin again ...

I stayed at the Mayflower Hotel on Jun 14-17 2014. I had some bites after that, but didn't think of bedbugs, just thought they were mosquito bits. A few weeks later, my husband was getting bits in our bedroom, and when my daughter pulled back our sheets and mattress cover, there were about 6-10 mature bugs in our bed. We did initial controls, and then we are having our house professionally treated.

Yesterday I called the hotel to let them know about this problem, not so much blaming, but

informing them. I was shunted from the manager to security.
There I was told that they hadn't had a report in 60 days, so that our problem couldn't be from the Mayflower.

Then I looked on this site, and saw that they have had reports this spring/summer. I don't remember which room.

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May 22, 2014 Room 334. Returned home and the next day had bites on my foot.

New Orleans Red Carpet Inn 6050 Chef Menteur Booked room through Expedia
Spent two nights on the way home my chest and arms started to itch. Found out that the room was just fumigated bedbugs. The hotel should of not let anyone stay in that room. the date was Feb 15 and 16, 2013

I stayed in room 709 from May 11-12. The room had not been cleaned very well for starters: stray hairs in the bathroom, pre-used,half-empty shampoo bottle from the previous guest amongst the amenities,carpet minimally vacuumed. I woke up with over a dozen bites on my calves. My company uses this hotel on a permanent basis and I have heard of similar incidents with bed bugs from other colleagues in the past.

Stayed at the hotel for police week....may 12th through may 14th 2012.. Woke up on Sunday with bites I thought were mosquito bites until they developed....guess what a case the bed bug bites on my arm stomach and shoulder. Called the hotel they said they get back to me...contacted health dept now washing everything I own, wiping down the house, and checking everything....this sucks!

I Was in the Mayflower on the 11th of August 2011 till the day after. I was bitten 15 times from bed bugs. Not nice!!! I still have problems,maybe I brought them home!!!

Stayed here on 8/11 and my friend found a bed bug in her room on the 5th floor. I thought I had looked this up, but apparently not!

I was sent to room 1049 in the Mayflower. As soon as I got to the room I removed the red decorative blanket. There was a bed bug on the bed. GROSS!

At a conference with others on July 12th, 2011. Three of us were bitten with bed bugs the following morning. Rooms were on the 4th and 5th floors. There is a definate problem in this hotel.

On May 10th 2011 I stayed at the Mayflower for business. In the morning I had a pattern of fifteen bug bites across my back. My husband thinks they are flea bites but we have never seen bed bug bites before so do not know what they look like. We think it was from the hotel's decorative pillows
It took several days to hear back from the hotel but i understand they have closed the room and will spray for bugs
I also stayed on the 7th floor.

My friend came into town for business and he ended up getting a suite at the Mayflower on May 11th 2011. I ended up meeting him for dinner and we hung out and had a few drinks. He offered up the sofa bed so I did not have drive all the way back to Ellicott City. Turns out that the sofa did not pull out. I went ahead and slept on the sofa and unknowingly I was being eatin alive. Just got back from the doctors and he put me on prednisone from all the bed bug bites. If you are staying in Room #766


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At a conference at the Mayflower, stayed overnight and bed bugs were found in a colleague's hotel room.

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