Marriott at Metro Center
775 12th St Nw
Washington, DC 20005

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Recently stayed at this hotel (September 2015). While they had renovations occuring, the staff was outstanding. The rooms were great, clean, simple... NO bedbugs... This is probably one of the ONLY hotels I would stay at in DC. I wish they had a pet policy though... :(

Great job on keeping clean BEDBUG FREE hotel!

Stayed here 8/1/2014- 8/3/2014... Honestly the first day we got here I was so mad at the hotel bc of the way the online reservations system worked I really wanted to give this hotel a horrible review.....However when we arrived and I was checking in everyone was beyond courteous and helpful! Got up in our room and it was very clean as well as the bathroom. I know a lot of buildings are very old in DC but this hotel was updated wonderfully. (It did stay a little warm tho, we had the air condition

ing as low as the thermostat would go but it still seemed too warm, at least to us.)
We had no problems the night of 8/1, the beds seemed comfortable and we all had a good nights rest. The morning of 8/2 we woke and got ready to go out for the day. Around lunch I noticed I had a bite of some kind on the back of my left knee. I didn't even say too much to my husband about it until dinner that evening around 7 and mentioned something like I must have gotten bit by something and it was really itching. After dinner we went back to the room and everyone besides me got ready for bed and we ordered desert from room service and relaxed and watched a movie together. After the kids and my husband fell asleep I decided I would shower and get ready for bed. This was prob around 1am. After my shower and dressing I came back into our room and was at the foot of the bed to get my phone charger from the desk to charge my phone by my bed when I seen this little dark spot on my bed. I immediately flipped on a light and seen it was a bug so I grabbed a cup, trapped it and yelled at my husband to wake up. As he jumped out of bed and was inspecting what I had captured under the cup I hurried to my bedside light to turn that on too & I seen another dark spot. So I screamed and yelled for another cup. By this time I'm flipping out, my husband is flipping out, my kids have done woke up (10,9 &5- all girls) and I'm on the phone with the front desk.
While waiting for someone, I took pictures of both the bugs & within 10mins the manager, a security guy and a housekeeping guy was at my door. They inspected my captures & looked under our covers & wrote down everything I told them and am writing now including about my bite. They all seemed very apologetic and the manager told me she was moving us to another room right away and would be sending up someone to help us immediately & that nights stay would be on them. While we were in the room I only seen the staff remove the two bugs I had found. When we were moved to another room on another floor of the hotel I got on my phone and Googled pictures of bed bugs and immediately saw this was the same bugs that was in my bed that I had captured and took pictures of. Needless to say none of us really got a restful nights sleep besides my 5yr old, I myself prob didn't go to sleep til prob around 4am but when we did wake I found our bill had came and it still had the second nights room still on it. So after we were all ready to leave I had to go talk to the front desk to fix the bill and another manager came and fixed our bill. He was extremely nice and again very apologetic but he did make a comment that because there was only 2 bugs found at that moment and the company that specializes in this area that they use wasn't available bc it was a Sunday, he really "thought" it was probably some kind of a dust mite & wasn't a bed bug...he was almost whispering as he was telling me this, but assured me that if they find out differently he had my contact information. While we were waiting on valet for our car we went over to get a coffee from the Starbucks in the lobby and while we were being waited on he bought our morning drinks.
Needless to say, I know what was in my bed, I know what I saw and after we got home this evening our bags & everything else we had in their room this weekend have been left outside because I REFUSE to take the chance of bringing those bugs in my home!

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Family of four stayed for a week in April 2013. Not only did we NOT have a bedbug problem, we were extremely happy with the hotel and it's staff.

Been at this hotel for 1 night in Sept 2012. No bed bugs at all.

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