Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
2660 Woodley Rd Nw
Washington, DC

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Here for a conference and two coworkers found bed bugs in their rooms

I stayed in room 8092 from April 22 to April 26. I woke up at 330am for some reason I could not sleep. After getting out of bed I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye something was crawling on my bed. I brought it down stairs right away I showed it to the front desk showed the clerk, manager Samar Shehata and Loss Prevention Officer Lewis Grant whom all referred to my findings as just a "BUG". When I offered my findings to them as evidence neither hotel representative would take if o

ff my hands per manager Samar "I am not touching that". After talking with my colleauge the following day she has presented with bite marks all over her abdomen.

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I stayed here for a conference in a room on the 7th floor (central tower) on October 2014. At 4:00 AM I found a huge bedbug walking in my bed. I put it in plastic bag and brought it to the front desk (because at first I did not know what it was) and the front desk employee told me that it was a bed bug and she moved me to another room. Next day the manger said that they needed to wait for the “professional inspection” to be sure if it was a bed bug or not; the house keeping lady argued that

it was a garden bug that must have entered the room when someone opened the window, because they never have had bedbugs; and the security guy who took my complaint said that it was weird, so maybe I had brought it in my luggage! Finally, after a lot of hassle, the hotel manager compensated me. I also had other cleaning issues in the rooms. I will never come back. Stay away from this hotel.

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I found evidence of bugs in two rooms (black spots on the mattress in one room, a husk and a live bug in another). The third room appears OK, but the hotel clearly has issues!!

I stayed at this location in July 2012. upon returning home my wife began to have these red bumps all over her legs...We didnt know what was going on ..weve never experience bed bugs before .finally we saw a bed bugs crawling on my 6 year old daughter..I almost vomitted!!! We had to pay over 3000 dollars to rid my home of these pest ...DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!! YOU WILL LEAVE WITH THESE PARASITES! TRUST ME ...STAY AWAY!!!

I stayed at the Marriott Wardman for three nights last week in room 7056. Every night was worse. The first night was one bite, and I assumed it was my sensitive skin reacting to the detergents, etc. I didn't want to jump to conclusions. The morning of my checkout, I had burning,itchy bumps. My first call to management only resulted in an offer to switch me rooms. My second call finally urged them to send up security after I asked for plastic bags to store my clothes in during my flight. Security

took a report, saw my bites, and reported that someone from the Claims department would contact me. I took all the sheets and the mattress covers off, and there they were! Black stains on the sheets from the bugs' fecal matter. Also, some blood traces from my bites! I took photos, and I even took video of the bed bugs crawling on the pillows and sheets. Moreover--three days later--the hotel has offered zero resolution other than paying for my dry cleaning. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!

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July 2012
We stayed for 2 nights on the sixth floor of the center tower; I, (the mom) inspected the mattresses when we arrived, but did not find bed bugs. We did find some black specks on the sheets. Woke the 2nd night with a raised, itchy bump on my hand. I never found a bed bug, but we just returned home and are not in the process of washing and drying everything in hot water - especially after reading the other accounts of bed bugs at the hotel.

In general, we were not impressed with t

he hotel -service was poor and the towels and linens were stained.

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We had a conference at this property the week of May 20, 2012 and one of the guests located a bed bug in her room and she had bites. She actually took the bug to the front desk (2 weeks later the hotel admitted it was in fact a bed bug). Her room was located in the section with the Garden area (not sure what the name of that location is...near the pool). They ended up moving her room around midnight the night of the incident and she had no other issues. No other incidents were reported. Whil

e no hotel can prevent bed bugs (as they are mostly brought in by guests), I'm more disappointed in how this property handled the situation. The attitude was more like, "not our problem" vs "let's do everything to make the customer happy"....but I guess that's another forum.

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I stayed at this location in October 2011. After two days I discovered bed bugs. No doubt. I collected several and placed in a cup and took photos. Management responded and took a report.

I have read the post where they were called and denied any prior bed bugs problems. they are not telling the truth. This place has a serious issue and I would not stay there again.

Any conference thinking of booking at this place needs to think again.

So I just called the hotel because I have a reservation there in two weeks. The woman said they have never, ever had bed bugs. Is this them just being rude? Or have these people who reported it never told the hotel? Do they have to tell me if people complained?

Oct 11th 2011. Stayed in main tower, woke up itching all over. As I have no experience with bed bugs and did not see any I can't be sure. We switched rooms in the morning and no more itching.

Stayed there 9/29/11-9/30/11. Slept like a baby. NO BED BUGS!

Stayed here 9/6/11-9/10/11 and was aware of the reports of bed bug activity at this hotel. Because of this, I inspected both beds as soon as I checked in. Although one of the box springs appeared worn and should be replaced, there were no signs of bed bugs (fecal stains, blood smears, castings, etc). I came home with no bites and never saw and evidence that there had been activity during the night. Just to be safe, I have left my suitcase outside, just in case. I honestly feel I've made it

home ok, only time will tell. In case anyone is wondering, I was in the main tower of the hotel, just above the lobby on the mezzanine level.

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Stayed at the Marriott Wardman Park on May 27-29 for a conference. Was a little hesitant after reading the reviews, but had no incidences with bedbugs throughout the duration of my stay. Room #7324 (King Suite) was free of bedbugs, and none of the five bedrooms in the Presidential Suite (#6300) were good. I'd recommend staying in the Wardman Tower as we did (or requesting a room there) as there seem to be a lot less guests going through it than the main hotel, it seems to be the "overflow" pa

rt of the hotel.

Hope this helps, and don't go nuts like I did!

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I stayed at this hotel for a conference from 4/15 - 4/17. Inspected mattress just before sleeping, and found a hole in the mattress along with bed bug fecal stains all along the side of the mattress. In the morning there were blood spots on the sheets (evidence that I was bitten). When I inspected the other bed, it also contained blood spots and the tell tale black fecal stains (look like sharpie pen blots.) It takes about a week or 9 days for me to actually manifest a reaction to the bites,

but I have no doubt that this hotel is currently losing it's war on Bed Bugs. The fact that they have a mattress with an open hole is unacceptable. Also, all the fecal stains indicate an active infestation. Because my companions objected to the inconvenience of changing rooms, I requested a cot to sleep in. When the cot arrived the sheets on the cot also had fecal stains on them: NOT GOOD. If you must stay in this hotel, carefully inspect bedding before you sleep in your room. Or, just find another hotel.

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NO BED BUGS!! I stayed for three nights, April 6-9th for a conference and our room was bed bug free.

I attended the AWP Conference from February 2-6 and found a bed bug in my suitcase upon returning home. Had to throw out my suitcase and am now dealing with cleaning everything else I took with me. Don't stay here.

I stayed at this hotel from October 15 - 18th for the PRSSA Conference.
I found a bed bug in my suitcase upon arriving at home. Today, I found live bugs in my bedroom and laundry room where my suitcase had been.
We read reviews before going, but the conference was at this hotel so that's where we stayed. However, DON'T DO IT.

I stayed at this hotel for 1 night in July 2009 and got bitten badly by bed bugs with over 30 spots all over my body! I woke up seeing the bed bugs on the bed, on my shirt and even on the bed that I am not using. Unbelievable!!! The hotel staff wasn't surprised with what happened at all. I will never stay here again.

i stayed here on Oct 20 for the AIPLA conference. i woke up the morning after i checked in and found a bed bug in the bed, a few more were crawling on the walls and floor. the hotel laundered all of my clothes and moved me to a new room where i saw no evidence of further bugs.

wake up in the morning and I had all my leg cover with red spot. the bed was full of tiny little blood spot

I stayed there for two nights during American Political Science Association annual meetings (Sept 2 and 3), and the night after, I found two bedbugs crawling in my suitcase.

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