Jurys Washington Hotel
1500 New Hampshire Ave Nw
Washington, DC

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November 2007

We were awakened by bedbugs (bitten,) and had a colleague in another room actually catch some blood filled bugs after she was bitten. The next day, we saw one of those bed bug sniffing beagles making the rounds. We moved from the hotel and they paid for our dry cleaning and new luggage. Felt compelled to enter this into the registry after reading the site and finding that -- more than two years later -- they have NOT obviously fixed the problem. It was a pretty traumatic experie

nce. Management's response to our complaints made it pretty obvious this was not an aberration.

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This hotel is now called "The Dupont Hotel"

I checked in to room 524 and immediately (as always) inspected the mattresses, only to find significant bedbug excrement on the bottom side of one, and in the seams of the other. We reported the room immediately and were given a different one, and the next morning, the management apologized and told us they would have an inspector come that very same day. Our second room contained no evidence whatsoever.

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