Hotel Rouge
1315 16th St Nw
Washington, DC

Found 2 reports:

I stayed at the Hotel Rouge in room 910 on Sunday December 8, 2019 and woke up with 8 bites on my body including one cluster of two bites and one cluster of 3 bites.

I don't remember the room that I stayed in at the Hotel Rouge, but I do know that my apartment in NYC was bedbug free before I stayed there for three days in August 2013. I returned to NYC and about a week later, my apartment showed signs of a bed bug infestation, which I continue to fight off. The bedbugs must have hitched a ride in my luggage, which I put down near my door. They then migrated to my computer chair in my living room, and then to the bedroom. If you stay at Hotel Rouge, pleas

e carefully examine the headboard and sheets. Keep your bag out of 'harm's way'.

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