Hotel Madera
1310 New Hampshire Avenue, Washington
Washington, DC

Found 3 reports:

I was at the Hotel Madera Oct. 5, 6, 7. I got at least 20 bites on each leg from the knee down. The itching was terrible, and I spent two days cleaning my house out of fear that I brought them home. My suitcase is still in a bag in the garage.

Stayed one night for a concert. My friend and I woke up the next day with multiple bites on our legs and arms. Absolutely disgusted. Now treating my house because I don’t know if we brought any home!

I stayed in a large suite for a birthday 'staycation" (room 201) and noticed while it was not as clean as I would expect it... I didnt want to ruin my hubby's birthday gift. BUT WHEN I WOKE UP I HAD SEVERAL BITES ALL OVER MY UPPER BODY & CHEST! im soooooo disgusted and now having to treat my home since im not sure if anything was brought back. when I called the management they were very empathetic and said they would 'seal it off' but OMG-- i will never stay there again!

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