Hotel Helix
1430 Rhode Island Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20005-5401

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I submitted the post below. I was incorrect and didnt want to slander this hotel falsely. I had aquired them a week earlier in NY. Sorry for the negative post.

I was staying with a large group in the Helix for the second and third week in September 2012. We were all on different floors. I was on the third floor. After the second week, a rumor was going around that there were bed bugs in some of our rooms. I discounted it as a mistake because my room appeard to be ok. Upon returning to my house which has never had an issue, I started having a problem. I live alone and my house was vacent for weeks. All of the sudden I now have bed bugs. And I am certain

it was something I brought home from the Helix. I am never staying there again.

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I stayed in Room 712 in August 2012. I had absolutely no bed bugs in my room. This hotel was very clean. (I have experience with bedbugs so I would have known if I'd been bit- I am allergic to bed bugs!)

I feel the need to respond to the 2 previous guest comments regarding rooms 1009 and 703. The Hotel Helix is my account, I am the Steritech specialist mentioned in 1009. My training is extensive in bed bugs and I deal with them on a regular basis. Any time The Helix has any complaint of bed bugs I am called in immediately. I personally inspected both of the above mentioned rooms and found no bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs. I feel confident in my findings (or lack there of)and I find it sad tha

t a disgruntled hotel guest can go online and try a ruin a hotels reputation.

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Room 1009 on 3/11/2012... bitten all over left leg.I have lived in NYC and know what this is and the management denied such. Offered me a free night!! Are you kidding?? Also they must think I am dumb and told me Steritech checked it out. Oh wait less than 24 hrs I got that email. Never got a voucher either for a free room that I would never use. (Oh it was my bday weekend.. happy bedbug to me) Getting lots of calls from the hotel. This has to stop. Just admit it may be a issue. I am ok with that

. It is a problem in hotels and in life when we travel. I have to say this would have been ok but the way it was handled is more disgusting than the bites...

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I stayed in room 703 in January 2012. I woke up with classic bed bug bites--several in a straight line--on my rear end. I told the front desk, and they were rude to me. "We don't have that problem here." Yes, you do.

I stayed in the Helix in June 2011. The previoius review did concern me somewhat but a booking had already been made and alternatives were thin on the ground. As it turned out, there was no reason for concern and the stay was absolutely fine and bedbug free.

I stayed in the Helix in late February, 2011 and came away with a nasty bedbug infestation. The hotel is a run down dump.

I stayed in a room on the seventh floor of this hotel in May 2008. I woke up with a bug bite on my leg. I've had bed bugs before, and I'm pretty sure it's a bed bug bite-- in any case, I'm not taking any chance and put all my luggage in airtight plastic bags as soon as I got home.

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