Holiday Inn Washington Georgetown
2101 Wisconsin Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20007

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I found bedbugs during my initial routine bed bug check that I always do upon entering a hotel room. After lifting up the bed skirt covering the box spring two bed bugs (yes, I know what they look like)scurried across the box spring. We grabbed our bags and headed down to the front desk to get our money refunded.

The clerk was initially evasive and uncooperative until I started saying the words "bed bugs" loud enough for other guests in the lobby to hear. Then another, more reasonable clerk i


Based on my interactions with the clerk and the other two reports on this site, it's clear that this hotel has a serious bed bug problem.


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We stayed at the hotel for the Marine Corps Marathon. I woke up to two bug bites but thought nothing of it. I also noticed a couple of blood spots on the pillow but assumed I did it somehow. The morning of the marathon, I turned the lights on at 4 AM and had a shirt folded and covering the bright clock radio. As I was dressing, I looked over and noticed a bed bug walking across the shirt. GROSS! When my husband reported it to the front desk, they made him sit for 30 minutes while they got an inc

ident report ready. They never offered to comp our stay and the hotel manager basically ignored us. We will NOT be back and this has been escalated to corporate.

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stayed two nights with wife and son, mid August 2009, 6th floor. My son woke up with many tiny spots on his sheets after the first night but we did not know what it was, he did not appear to have any bites and we were clueless regarding bed bugs. On the way out in the morning told the front desk about spots on sheets. When returned late in the day we walked into the room and my son's bed was not made. Called the desk and they said they had another room for us, did not mention bed bugs but sa

id due to a mechanical or plumbing problem. When I asked about the bed issue a non answer was provided. They said they would provide a credit due to the inconvenience of moving. It was not until we checked out and I asked for documentation of the credit and I receive a printout that stated "bed bugs" did I realize what the problem was, I do not think the hotel expected me to get a copy of it from the clerk.
We did not think too much of it until five days later when my son broke out in a terrible rash over much of his body, had literally dozens of what we later realized were bed bug bites. He has been to the doctor three times and two prescriptions for the severe reaction. My wife also had several bites that appeared after about six days.

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