Holiday Inn Georgetown
2101 Wisconsin Ave Nw
Washington, DC
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On Arpil 25 I checked into this hotel at about 1:00 p.m. Later that evening, around 5 I noticed four welts lined up on my right arm. I thought it might be chicken pox because a friend had just had them and I had not had them as a child. The next morning, I had two more on my left arm. When I asked a colleague what she thought they were, she immediately said they looked like bedbug bites. She had experienced an infestation in her apartment about 2 years ago. When I went to the Internet to l

ook at images of bedbug bites, that's what they were. I threw out everything including my overnight bag, bought a spray by Ortho, sprayed my car, my purse, inspected everything in my purse with a flashlight, took a hot shower and washed my hair, and washed the clothes I had on in the hottest water possible. I then called the hotel and told them to block off room 315. I went to Urgent Care the next day because I had an allergic reaction to the bedbug bites. I had to be put Prednisone. I can still see the scars from the bites. I am glad to report that I did not carry any home.

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We value our guests’ comments. We welcome and thank everyone for the opportunity to address any issues concerning our customers’ satisfaction. We are proud of the service we provide our guests. Your comfort and safety are of utmost importance to us. Our business is based on ensuring that our guests experience a pleasant and restful stay at our hotel.

We regret that we have had several confirmed cases of bed bug reports at our hotel.
Despite these cases, we assure you that we do everyth

ing within our means to make sure that our guest welfare is not compromised.

We are aware of the resurgence of bed bug cases throughout the country. With keen awareness, all sighting reports, confirmed or not, are always taken seriously. Once a sighting is reported, we immediately put the room out of inventory and it is only returned to service once confirmed treated. All rooms go through a series of treatments. Even the affected beds are discarded then replaced.

For several years we have practiced a proactive standard of operation (SOP) to avoid and, if detected, eliminate bed bugs in our hotel. Since the resurgence, we have been very vigilant with our pest control management SOP, conducting monthly inspections of all of our rooms. Twice a year; we perform bed bug dog inspections, where specially trained dogs are brought in to go through each room to sniff for any signs of infestation.

It is unfortunate however, that despite having an aggressive pest control plan in place; we were not spared from having bed bug occurrences.

Experts have not determined what causes the present resurgence. The most common explanations are: increased resistance of bedbugs to available pesticides and the greater popularity of international and domestic travel. Bed bugs have been found in other establishments such as public libraries, clothing stores and movie theaters. Hotels are no exception. The presence of bed bugs has been reported in different hotels. They do not discriminate between brands, star ratings and locations.

As we have in the past, please be assured that we will remain vigilant in our efforts to effectively contain and eliminate reported cases. We are confident that our best practices are our primary defense.

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I found bed bugs on the mattress on 2/5/11 and the night manager was terribly rude and not in the least bit alarmed or concerned for our health or belongings. He claimed to know nothing about procedures to follow when bed bugs are found.

I was bitten all over my body at this hotel. The pain was unbearable, and I had to throw away all my stuff. It was such a horrendous experience. I would never go back to this hotel ever again - not even the ones in the same area.

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