Holiday Inn Capitol
550 C Street Sw, Washington, 20024
Washington, DC

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Last week of March 2015 was the date of our stay. Fast forward a weeks after our trip, we have bed bugs in our home. Never in my life had I seen one before. This led to an infestation in my bedroom. I had to throw away everything, including my sleep number bed and all furniture. This incident made our lives a living hell. We still have nightmares of bugs. Run away from this hotel!!!

On 04/09, I checked into the Holiday Inn Washington Capitol, placed my luggage on the luggage rack and my laptop bag on the desk. I pulled back the sheets and noticed the mattresses were encased to prevent bedbugs (that's good), and no obvious signs of bedbugs on the bed or headboard of the recently renovated room.

After laying on the bed for 30 minutes, I saw something crawling up the wall from behind the dresser. It was a bedbug. I caught it in a cup and immediately called the front desk. T

he manager on duty and someone from housekeeping came up.

I was told by the person from housekeeping that the room was recently renovated and that I probably brought the bedbug in on me. I was offended by that remark and did not accept the offer to be moved to another room. They also offered to have all my clothes cleaned if I stayed. I checked out immediately. Due to several conferences and the Cherry Blossom Festival, many of the the nearby hotels were sold out. I asked the manager to find me a room in another hotel. She did find a room in a Hyatt in Crystal City but could not arrange for my previous room rate to be accepted. The manager did pay for my cab to the new hotel which was appreciated. I asked for the outside of my suitcase and my laptop bag to be vacuumed before I left which they also did.

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July 2011. Bed bugs in Room 100. Beware! Reported to management. Check the box springs and mattress before you stay in this room! Or in any room in the hotel. Found in our bed and when maintenance showed us the box spring, it was completely infested.

My mother and I checked into this hotel on 5/19/11 and were so exhausted we immediatly went to bed. When I woke up the next morning I found a bedbug in my bed. We told the hotel staff and they switched our rooms, but they were very rude about it and did not even apologize for the extreme inconvience. We will never be staying at this hotel again.

We take great pride in our hotel and in the services we offer and have a very aggressive extermination program in place. Bed bugs are not a regular occurrence at our hotel because of our aggressive pest control program which is administered by a professional pest control company. Besides our regular extermination program which occurs monthly, we use an outside company for any incidents that involve any kind of report of bugs. We have increased our room inspection program which includes checking

for the presence of bugs and insects. If anything is found during this process or reported by any guest, we immediately call the outside extermination company for treatment and we do not sell the room until it is pest free. We also inspect all rooms around that room and above and below to ensure no other rooms have been affected. No rooms are put back into service until we are given a clean record from the outside company.

As has been recently reported by many news sources, the incidence of bed bugs is higher than usual throughout the United States and the world. Bed Bugs have been found in many locations, including popular retail chains, movie theaters, public transportation vehicles and hotels. Bed bugs are not a cleanliness issue and are brought into hotels by guests who have been in contact with them elsewhere. No hotel is exempt. Bed bugs do not discriminate between hotel brand, star rating, or location of hotel. What does distinguish a hotel above the rest is how aggressive they treat for bed bugs in the rare occurrence of a sighting or infestation. I am confident that our aggressive extermination program addresses this issue so that our guests can have a safe and comfortable stay.

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We found a bedbug crawling on our bed in the morning, captured it and showed it to the hotel staff. The staff then examined the room and confirmed that it was infested. They moved us to a different floor and room and took all of our possessions to be treated. When our clothes were returned to us they all had been either shrunk or destroyed. They refused to refund us for the damage and were extremely deceitful during the entire incident. We were traveling with my 88 year old Grandfather, a W

WII veteran. He was so excited to get the opportunity to see the WWII Memorial, the trip was inconvenienced by the whole bedbug situation. The Holiday Inn staff only made the things worse. AVOID this place!! I would recommend staying anywhere else!

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As we were checking out of the hotel I discovered a bedbug crawling in the middle of the bed. I captured it to show the personnel. Management came to the room and verified that the insect was in fact a bedbug. No one at the hotel apologized for the incident.

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