Holiday Inn
1700 14th St Nw
Washington, DC 20009-4309

Found 2 reports:

bedbugs in room 908 in early november. 30 bites in 4 nigths that I thougth were mosquitos...but not at all...
No answer or action from the hotel host....

I was booked to stay for 3 days. Each night I encountered biting. I just chalked it up to mosquito's. A month or so after the trip, I had the same burning and biting occurance. I thought that it was from my puppy that I just got. I sprayed the house for fleas. I was still getting bitten. I changed my bedding and noticed some brown staining on my bed. I then spotted one of the bed bugs followed by a very small moving but.
I do not remember the room and I an greatly sorry that I ever st

epped foot into this place. It has cost me quit a bit to rid my house of these pests.

see full report...

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