Hilton Washington and Towers
1919 Connecticut Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20009-5701

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I stayed at this Hilton on June 12, 2014. I woke up the next morning with bed bug bites on my abdomen. I filed a report with security that morning. Later that day, the Hilton's claims company called me to ask if I wanted to file a claim. The company is Sedgwick Claims Management and I spoke with Crystal. I then did research on the hotel and discovered numerous other bed bug reports regularly over the past three years, one of which included the hotel renting the room to new customers after other

customers had vacated due to the bed bugs.

I documented the bites with photos and sent them to Crystal at Sedgwick with information about all the other bed bug reports. I requested a small settlement to cover the cost of treating my house as it could be a full year before I realize I brought bed bugs into my home.

A few days later I got an email denying the claim stating there was no evidence of bed bugs in this room. I called and Crystal told me they hired an independent exterminator who inspected the room and found no sign of bed bugs. I asked to see the report and she refused. I then spoke with her supervisor Lauri who said that they could not pay the claim as there had never been bed bugs reports in the room I stayed in EVEN THOUGH OTHER ROOMS AT THE HOTEL DID HAVE BED BUGS!

I simply could not believe this. I've since contacted corporate headquarters who keeps sending me these nice emails that someone will from the hotel will be in touch. The assistant manager called me and said the claims company would call and explain things again.

I'm now hiring a personal injury lawyer to deal with them.

This is not the sort of service I expect from the Hilton company.

It has now been four weeks and I still have marks from the bites.

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So I could go on forever, because this was the worst hotel experience ever!! But...

My fiance went to put his wallet under the mattress to hide it before going out, and 5 minutes later, out crawled a bed bug. Security came up to our room and confirmed it was a bed bug and allowed us to move to a different room. Well in the process of moving rooms, the bellman must have dropped my fiance's keys, so the next morning after an hour of not finding keys, we thought maybe they would be in the firs

t (infested) room. We called security to take us down to the room with a key so that we could look, and they opened the door and the room was OCCUPIED WITH NEW PEOPLE!! We didn't even leave that room until 10pm the night before, and the front desk told us that was around the time it was filled the night prior. We were OUTRAGED!! Bed bugs are no joke, you can bring them back to your home. So basically, they don't take bed bugs serious and DO NOT follow protocol! I'd NEVER stay there again!! I had to argue with the hotel asst. manager for 3 hours before they agreed to comp our room! Horrible sanitary practices and horrible customer service!

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