Hilton Washington Embassy Row
2015 Massachusetts Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20036-1011
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My wife just checked into the hotel room (618) and checked the bed first thing...and caught a live bed bug in a glass! Took it to the front desk and showed it to the front desk person who promptly threw it "towards" the waste can, put down the glass and said "we are full up" but then put her in another room?

After checking the bed in the new room (317) it looks bug free and she will try to sleep but no one seems to care (sic)about this problem...anywhere.

I stayed at the hotel the past 2 nights and woke this morning with several bites on my ankles that appear to be mosquito bites. Let management know and they inspected the room reporting no bed bugs were found.

I never saw the bugs, but I had the line of three red welts on my arm after staying a this hotel. I am appalled by the previous reports and the poor management response. On an earlier stay, my room suddenly filled with a strong chlorine smell. The engineer who came said it was coming through the vents through a laundry room. I had to move to a new room. I am not staying at the Hilton Embassy Row again.

I stayed at this hotel June 5th 2009. I remember getting the creepy crawly feeling that night in bed. The next day I had what I thought were mosquito bites in rows of three on my arms and ankles. Well now I have a month later in my OWN apartment, small tiny bedbug nymphs, that I have, without a doubt, brought back with me from this unfortunate stay at the Hilton for one night. While I do not have a large problem to deal with yet (God willing...Terminix hopefully will help). This is the only

source I can think of within the last month. My apartment is a new renovation, and I have a fairly new mattress 2008, new furniture sheets etc since i recently moved last year. I am thoroughly grossed out. Do not stay at this hotel!
Or if you do. Freeze and or boil all the clothes and luggage you brought with you!

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Folks I wish it was just bugs. I was not in an upgraded room, in fact let me try and dis way anyone from staying in room 219 on general principal based on the condition of the room. Let's just ignore the poor room for the moment and concentrate on the mouse that ran into the corner of the room on my first night here. I had the same lack of attention from the staff mentioned by others and I'm supposed to talk to the general manager tomorrow in person. I'll let everyone know what happens.

I have been procrastinating on writing this review but I think it is time for me to report my "wonderful" encounter with my dear little friends: bed bugs. I've been staying at his hotel for more than four weeks straight and so much so the hotel employees know my name. One night, during one of those week long innocent stays, I wake up in the middle of the night because i felt something crawling on my forehead - yeah i am light sleeper, at least that's what I thought. I smacked my forehead and som

ething fell on my pillow. I never saw a bed bug before so, i could guess what it was, but i didn't know what it exactly was until next morning when I looked it up on the wonderful world wide web! Anyway, I preserved the little bugger in a glass to show it to the people at the front desk. Well of course, I couldn't sleep the rest of the night, checked out of that hotel the next day. I thought that was the end of it but next day I found a rash on my finger and then a few on my neck and well lets not go any further. That's when I realized that I wasn't a light sleeper. The rashes went away after a few days but the "hurt" never did! :) I neither went back to the Embassy Row hotel nor planning to go back there.

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While the hotel looked nice on the outside and we had an updated room, I awoke at 4:00 AM on the second night of our stay to find a bed bug crawling on my pillow toward my face! I brushed the bug into a glass, dressed and proceeded to the lobby, glass in hand to show management. To my dismay, very little was done to accommodate me - It was I who had to suggest a manager contact me! -I am a GOLD HHonors Member- I was never even asked my room number! I never received a call from management that m

orning as I proceeded to leave this property - upon check out, all charges remained on my room - until i demanded to see a manager - the Operations Manager met me in the lobby and I still had to argue about removing my charges as if showing the live bug wasn\'t enough! I did not receive a call from the General Manager until the day after we left , offering an apology and denials that bedbugs were a regular problem at this hotel. While my hotel charges were removed, I still have not received a report as to what would be done to treat this property - I wish I knew about this website prior to booking this hotel !! 2 weeks after our stay and still no follow up has been provided to me as to the resolution of the bedbugs in the hotel room - this despite the assurance given to me by the General Manager - I now am having trouble sleeping in my own bed and worry I may have carried these pests home. I was in room 629 !STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL !!!

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