Hilton Washington
1919 Connecticut Ave Nw
Washington, DC

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Stayed in hotel August 2019 in Room 2142. Woke up with a line of bites confirmed by physician to be bed bug bites.

Night of August 9th stayed in this hotel, planning on a five day stay, but got horribly bitten that first night (>70 bites). Security chief was excellent when notified the next day, and moved me immediately. They confirmed bed bugs (but not how many) and steam-cleaned everything except what I was wearing.
They comp'd two of three nights, and their claims adjuster was in contact with me within 24 hours. A visit to the ER, and change-flight fees later, I went home early. Still working with claim

s adjuster, but they seem to be professional. Will update with final experience later.

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I stayed at this hotel between August 18th and 22nd 2013. I noticed multiple bites on my arms during my stay which were confirmed by a dermatologist to be bed bugs bites. The hotel staff did not seem very surprised by my complaint and had to fill out a report. Very disappointing experience.

I stayed at this hotel on 8/11/13 -8/17/2013 for work training. After my first night, I noticed a considerable number of bites on my legs and feet. Ends up they were bed bugs! Hotel has confirmed bed bug infestation in the room that I was staying in.

Hotel staff has been helpful, but insurance claims company Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. has been very unwilling to help.

I stayed at this hotel on 8/20/13 for a conference because my company was paying for it. My first night there I woke up in the middle of the night to find my pillow and the headboard covered in bed bugs. I immediately called the front desk, who sent up a security guard. He confirmed that there were bugs, acted like this had never happened before, and got me a new room. I then had to move all of my stuff to the other side of the hotel (this is not a small hotel) by myself in the middle of the nig

ht - he did not offer to help. Although the new room did not appear to have bugs, I was paranoid my entire time there. After reading other reports on here now, I wish I would have read them before my stay. I'm now dealing with bites all down my neck and shoulders that are confirmed bed bug bites. DO NOT STAY HERE.

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My husband just got back from this hotel. When he arrived home he went directly to the garage; changed into clothing I had left there, under his direction; all of his travel belongings were to stay in the garage when it is freezing (the joys of living in Canada) for five days. This action was based on this registry.

Upon my reading of the site it I would like to say the hotel does not have beg bugs. Spiders, yes, bed bugs no. Spiders bite in a linear fashion; bed bug bites are found in a

triangular configuration.

My husband's belongings are now in the house!

I urge people who want to register bedbug infestations to be aware of what the bites look like. There are many images on the internet for research.

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Oct 30-November 2 2011, Room 7215.
The second night, I woke up with a couple of bites on my arm and neck, but I'd been outside the evening before, so thought maybe it was just a midge or something. Then the final night, I woke up with a track of bites down my eye, cheek, neck and hand. I am in NO doubt that they were bedbug bites. I reported it to the desk at 7 am; was told a manager would call at 8:30 "when they got in." Nobody did. I reported it again. They sent for "security." I had to fill

out an "accident report" and was told the "dog team' would "check" the room. I spent 3.5 hours with the security guy & manager, who explained at length their "prevention" program. Then the head of housekeeping called & said the pest control company had found nothing, and suggested that I might be allergic to down pillows (I am not).
It was clear that I was being "handled" to avoid (a) a lawsuit (which I was not in any event inclined to do) and (b) comping the room. In the end, after asking about 5 times, I got received a ziploc bag to isolate my sleepwear.

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I stayed in hotel 10/10. Woke up with red bite at ankle. Ankle now swollen. I saw my doctor who thinks it is likely a bed bug bite. I called hotel and the manager told me he never heard of anyone having a bug bite there before. I explained what happened and pointed out other reports online. He denied it could be bed bug bite and told me I could file a report if I wanted to.

Stayed here on 09/03/2011 and woke up with bites on both legs. Was moved to another room and found tiny blood stains on sheets.

Stayed here for a week in Febraury 2010. Got a line of bites across my shoulder and several on my arms and one on my foot.

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