Hilton Hotels
1919 Connecticut Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20009-5701

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Stayed there over weekend of 1/15/15-1/18/15 and the first night there I checked both beds including flipping over both box springs (I've had bad bed bug experiences so I wasn't staying anywhere without checking...).

On the bottom of one box spring I found definite bed bug activity / fecal matter. I did not see any actual bugs but there is no doubt that this was bed bug waste. Luckily I had left my stuff in the bathtub while I checked.

2nd room I stayed in was clean; flipped both beds and

box springs and found nothing.

Room with bug evidence was 8130. Clean room was 6110.

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8/9/2014: Unfortunately, it was my first night and I was sleeping soundly after being awake traveling for almost two days, so I didn't even feel anything. The bites are a 'gift' that keeps on giving - I had bites maturing as late as two days later. Hilton moved me to a new room, removed everything I had packed, including the luggage, and sent those things out to be steam cleaned.

The Hilton said they "found evidence of bedbugs" but that of course they considered "one bug" as evidence. They

didn't say whether they found millions or two!! They blamed it on international travelers. The Hilton's claims adjusters have contacted me and the head of security promised that the Hilton would repay me any of the out-of-pocket costs from the ER, and subsequent ambulance and medication costs. They didn't charge me for the first two nights and I left after three.

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We checked in 6/13/2014, my aunt got bit 3 times that night. She killed the bedbug so we had a positive confirmation of a infestation. Informed the staff on 6/14/2014, they cleaned all our belongings and moved us to a different room. Staff never used the word bedbug, even after security called to tell us their findings were "positive". We have yet to receive promised call from the insurance company. Staff not very sympathetic or helpful. We knew how to deal with all our things after exposure - c

leaned everything and out things in plastic bags, but the hotel never gave advice or help.

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5/23-5/25/13. Found a bedbug as we were packing up to check out. The staff was unsympathetic but gave us one out of two nights free and offered to wash our clothes and bags. However, we could not take them up on the washing offer as we were leaving town. The hotel was entirely booked the day we were checking out so I imagine they simply checked the next family into our room once we left without doing any kind of thorough de-bugging.

Stayed in two rooms 10012 and 10026 weeks of January 2nd and January 9th. Bites began showing on Jan 7th and got progressively worse the week of Jan 9th. Hotel accommodated a room change and security took a report. Doctor visit on Jan 12th concluded it was bed bugs though hotel claimed their independent analysis found no bed bugs and I was charged for the stay.

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