Hampton Inn DC Convention Center
901 6th St Nw
Washington, DC 20001

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I stayed there in early december. I found bedbugs in my bed in the morning. The manager was nice, but i came home and a week later was covered in bites. I fumigated everything before entering my house and burned everything else. A nightmare.

I stay at this hotel frequently and just had my first experience with bed bugs. This was Sept. 9-12th 2013. Management was very responsive, and they had an insurance agent contact me within 2 days. They are settling an extensive claim and have been lovely to work with. I insisted on replacing my luggage since I know the bugs love to travel around on it, and received no pushback. I have been practically living there during the past year, and this was my first negative experience with the property


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Woke up with bed bugs crawling around me. I checked the headboard and found large bugs that had been sucking on me all night. I reported the incident. Withon less then 12 hours by body was itching and covered in red spots. I am itching as I type. Very annyoying and painful and not to mention disgusting. I also looked at the second bed and found bugs crawling near the headboard. Stayed at the hotel in early Sept.

I've stayed in this hotel several times in the last few months with no incidents. In fact, I'm here tonight and tomorrow night. Once I read this, I looked all over my bedding and found nothing.

Stayed at Hampron inn for business Oct 1-5 2012. Came home with my arms and waist covered in bedbug bites. Called the hotel to let them know and tehy said they would check but never heard back from the hotel - not even an offer to credit back some of my payment. I am a very disappointed hilton honors diamond member.

We just checked out of this Hampton after pulling back the sheets after a nights sleep to find a big bedbug crawling accross white sheets. When swatted, it was full of blood - burst and left a blood red stain on both the sheet and pillowcase of pillow used to kill it. I then looked and found another smaller one in the seam of elastic band around the the mattresse cover.
Don't be fooled by how nice and clean the hotel and rooms appear, or by how expensive this place is.

My family stayed here for 9 days over Spring Break (3/26/11 -4/3/11). We were all over the hotel - breakfast area, conference room when the breakfast area was full, the pool, fitness room and of course our room. I believe we were in room 615 (?) with 2 beds. We never saw any bugs or experienced any bites. Both of our kids made friends with other kids while we were there and they never said anything about bugs, either. We had such a great time on our trip, and our comfortable stay at the Ham

pton Inn was absolutely wonderful. I would stay here again in a heartbeat!!!

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A friend and I stayed there this past week and both of us spotted small dark red bugs on our respective beds. I saw another one on my coat immediately after leaving the hotel. Since coming home, she has had several rash marks on her body.

Dates of stay: 2/8/11 - 2/12/11

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