Grand Hyatt Washington
1000 H St Nw
Washington, DC

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I stayed at the Grand Hyatt last weekend overnight on Saturday, 9/12/2015. I drove home to Ohio on Sunday 9/13 and in the middle of the night woke up scratching a bump on my left foot. By the middle of the day on Monday I noticed a trail of inflamed, red bites on my Right foot and various bites up and down my legs. I work in healthcare and showed them to our infection control nurse who informed me they were likely bed bug bites. I proceeded to go to a Stat Care that afternoon where the doctor wa

s also 99% sure they were bed bug bites. If you stay here I would advise you to thoroughly check the seams of your mattress before sleeping or exposing your suitcase!!!! I stayed in room 164, but would be vigilant about looking in any room there right now.

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I stayed at the Grand Hyatt during most of Sept. 2011 (room 711). After about 7 days, I started to get a few bites, but didn't think anything of it - thought they might be mosquito bites(it either took them a while to get active or it took me a while to get a reaction). After 10 days, I was covered. I complained to the hotel staff and they vigorously denied it. After several complaints and trying to change rooms (over a period of 36 hours which required me to stay in the room again), they fina

lly took me seriously and called in a pest inspection company that confirmed the presence of bed bugs.

They moved me to another room, which was smaller than my previous room, and offered to clean all my clothes and luggage. They also promised me a number of free Hyatt points. Not only was I never given the Hyatt points, but they CHARGED ME FOR THE CLEANING!! It wasn't until I complained (again) that the charges were removed. The cleaning also ruined several items of my clothing. In the end, I received NO compensation whatsoever for the bed bug infestation - only costs and problems for me, despite paying over $8K for my extended stay and being a frequent Hyatt guest.

While I understand bed bugs can be found in any hotel, how it is handled correlates directly to the quality of the hotel. The Hyatt's response, or lack thereof, was a lesson learned.

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I traveled to Washington DC to attend a radio conference being held at the Grand Hyatt Washington. I stayed in Room 923 for one night, 9/28/10, the next afternoon I began noticing an itch around my left ribcage. I flew home to San Francisco later that evening and by the time I arrived on the West Coast, I had a number of red begbud marks around by ribcage.

I had purposely opened and kept my travel bags in the bathtub while in the hotel room with the hope that if there were begbugs, they wo

uld not get in my suitcase.

It goes without saying that all the contents of my bag were sent to the cleaners.

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