Embassy Suites Washington DC Convention Center
900 10th St Nw
Washington, DC 20001-4405

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Stayed here August 5-9, 2014. On the third night of the stay, my wife found a juvenile bedbug crawling on her cup she had left on her nightstand. I found spots on mine where apparently during the night some had relieved themselves. Told manager at front desk and they switched us to another room and said they would dispatch an exterminator to look at it. Didn't phase them in the least, apparently this is a common occurrence.

Stayed here for one night (thank goodness) in late June, 2014. We woke up with bites marching up and down our bodies. We always put the suitcases up on a table or those folding stands, so hopefully we didn't get any in our luggage, but who knows about our clothes?!!

And the carpeting was disgusting looking, with dust on every surface, it seemed.

Afraid we wouldn't stay here again.

Stayed here on September 7, 2013 with NO incident. Searched room thoroughly, including the sofa bed, with a flashlight when we arrived after dark. Perfectly clear!

I forgot to mention that after I returned home I spent $300 dry cleaning my clothes and $200 on a bed bug inspection of my home and car.

I stayed in Room 1222 from September 11-16. I woke up on the last day with a couple of bites and then over the next day ten bites appeared on my arms and stomach. I contacted the hotel manager and she said that they conducted an inspection (not by a third party exterminator) using their own staff and found no sign of bed bugs. I asked for a written confirmation of the inspection and have no received any written correspondence. Of course, I cannot be 100% sure that the room had bed bugs, but

I do want to caution others based on my experience.

see full report...

Woke up to two bedbugs on me. Manager said protocol is to steam clean clothes and luggage, though I know this is useless. These are just the facts. Judge for yourself.

Incident happened on 8/15/2011 - 8/19/2011. there was bed bugs in the hotel room, we got several bites, but manager didn't change any room for us.

visitors beware..

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