Embassy Suites Hotel Washington, DC
1250 22nd St Nw
Washington, DC

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We stayed on the 3rd floor and this morning my wife had some itchy red bumps on her arms. We looked around on the mattress and noticed some blood smears on the sheet near the head of the bed. We had to leave quickly to make our flight but plan on filing a complaint with the hotel when we get home.

I and my family stayed at Embassy Suites, Downtown DC. on June 5,6 and 7, 2012. One son and I noticed bites on our legs the last morning as we were leaving. We joked about bedbugs and dismissed it thinking they may be mosquito bites. We did not know all the precautions we were supposed to take to prevent them from entering our home. About three weeks later I saw two bugs next to my son's bed, but, since they were under an open window, I thought they came in from outside. A couple of weeks later,

two sons had bites and we looked it up on line and investigated further in our bedrooms. The exterminators came and did their work, and found them to be in all bedrooms as well as the living room. They said we could have had up to 100 hatchings since mid-June. What a mess!
I called the hotel after the house was treated. The manager on duty took a report and said she would forward it to the General Manager and the Chief Engineer. I am waiting to hear back by Aug. 24. She told me they had not had any other reports in a couple months. (that is when we were there) I wish I knew about bedbugs BEFORE our stay. We will be more careful next time. We are hoping for some compensation since they clearly know about the problem.

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Checked in on Monday, January 23, 2011 and immediately discovered bed bugs in my room covering the bed. I called the front desk and first was told that I must be wrong since the hotel does not have any problems with bed bugs. After I killed the second bug and saw blood again from the insect. I called the front desk and insisted that I get a room change. They wanted to move me a couple of rooms down the way but I again insisted that I get another floor and they agreed. They wouldn't admit to

anything until the next day when their pest control did find bed bugs. They washed or dry cleaned my clothes. They did try to assist and accomodate me once they identified the problem. They did say the bed bugs probably came from the room next to mine which was occupied.

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Just got back from an overnight stay Sept 12,2011. Ankles now covered with bites. Was never without socks except when in the room and in bed. Have stayed here before but not again.

I stayed at this location in late October and, after noticing multiple bites on my legs during a three-night stay, responded to a hotel customer survey that I thought they had bed bugs. The manager wrote back personally to tell me that there were none. I am sure they do have problems at this location.

We stayed at this location this past weekend (11/4-11/7). My son(10 yrs old)pointed out to us the day after we returned home these marks all over his ankles and on the inside part of his arm. I googled bed bug bites and sure enough they were exactly what was on his body. It was a great hotel until I found this out.

We returned home from a stay (8/19/10 - 8/21/10) at the Embassy Suites on 22nd St in Washington DC and my husband was covered in bed bug bites. We have stayed at this hotel in the past and didn't encounter any problems. This time around, we noticed that the hotel was in a general state of deterioration -- garbage overflowing, food debris left in the breakfast area from day to day, short supplies, dirty towels left outside rooms, etc. The bed bugs have now been added to the list of reasons not to

go back unless management cleans up its act and restores this hotel to the status it once held.

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My daughter woke up with several red blotchy bites on both of her legs after staying here between April 11-15, 2009.

I stayed at this location of the Embassy Suites for 5 weeks, Oct-Nov. 2008. I kept waking up to bites but, despite searching the bed, couldn't find anything. After 2 weeks, I began to awaken with blood spots on my sheets. While housekeeping was quick to replace the sheets, the front desk refused to believe me that there might be bedbugs in my room. Two days before I left, I found actual bugs. I put them in a ziploc baggy and left them in the room when I checked-out.


has bed bugs.

I'm praying that I didn't bring any home with me...

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