Dupont Circle Hotel
2121 P St Nw
Washington, DC

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Immediately after coming home from a stay at this hotel for a work conference, I noticed about five or six itchy, reddened bites clustered on one of my legs. I checked my room thoroughly on day one and didn't see any evidence of bedbugs, but something was in there and had bitten me! Maybe it was flea bites? They do allow pets to stay in some of the rooms I believe, but I thought I'd report this incident, just in case former problems (based on other reports here on this site) are reappearing aga


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The hotel name and address don't match.

The Dupont Circle Hotel is at 1500 New Hampshire Avenue NW in Washington DC - right on Dupont Circle.

The Hotel Palomar, in the Dupont Circle neighborhood, is at 2121 P ST NW in Washington DC.

May 2014 in second floor room woke up with bites and found a bed bug. Inspected other bed in the room and saw small bed bugs (looked like red sesame seeds) coming up from mattress. The hotel brought in outside "engineers" to check and confirmed bed bugs. We moved to the 6th floor where there seemed to be no problems.

I checked into room 204. I saw a live bug crawling on the bed, killed it, and showed it to the front desk. They swore it was a roach, but it was clear they had had problems with bedbugs. They changed my room, which seemed to be bedbug-free.

I just got home from a three night stay at the hotel. My legs are covered with bites! They still have bedbugs. When I went to the reception, they said they never heard off bedbugs but still gave me a discount...

I just completed a one week stay (06 Feb to 13 Feb) at this hotel on the 6th floor. There was no evidence of bedbugs.

Anonymous from 1/14/13...what was your room number? I have bites from this hotel from 1/19/13- 1/23/13. I checked the beds in the room and did not see any bugs, but I had bites when I woke up.

I woke up with 6 bites - on my toes, arm and buttocks. Very painful. Developed very inflamed arm and had to go to doc and take antibiotics, management was very responsive and took care of all my costs and implemented a full bed bug eradication protocol.

The name of the hotel and address don't match. Is this the Palomar Washington DC, A Kimpton hotel?

I woke up with awful bites on my face and arms. This was hell. I thought it was just mosquito bites bc i was in denial but still called the hotel in order to check my room. needless to say, they found many bedbugs. this is very traumatizing. i would never stay at this hotel again. the staff was very entitled.

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