Doubletree Hotel Washington
1515 Rhode Island Ave Nw
Washington, DC

Found 2 reports:

Was on a business trip from Tuesday January 19th to Thursday January 21st 2016. Was bitten multiple times on my face starting near my hairline down my forehead and just below my left eye. The signature pattern i.e. 3 in an approximate row. Left my forehead and face swollen and eye partially shut due to swelling.

My family and I stayed at this hotel 6/27/13-7/3/13. During our stay, I noticed bug bites on my youngest child. I looked on the box springs and mattresses for bedbugs, but did not see any. When we returned home, I continued to see bug bites. A few days later, I saw a small bug in one of our suitcases. I took it to an exterminator and he confirmed that it was a bedbug. I haven't seen any other signs of infestation in our home, but it hasn't been that long yet.

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