Doubletree Hotel
1515 Rhode Island Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20005-5504

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I woke on 10/27/2014 at 5 am to finish some work (bed bugs are apparently most active a few hours before dawn). I was reading in bed, saw a small, flat, brown bug walking on the sheets. I squished it and a bunch of blood came out. I immediately informed the hotel. They called a professional who tested my room on 10/28 and again on 10/29 and found no signs of bed bugs in my room. However, another room they randomly tested DID test positive. They relocated me to a different room at my reques

t, but wouldn't give any compensation for the luggage I refused to bring home, since my room had tested negative for bed bugs. On 10/30 a bite mark appeared on my neck (they can take several days to appear, and neck is a common location for a bite).

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This isn't about bed bugs but something equally as abhorrent. We found multiple ticks IN THE BED. It was brought to the attention of the hotel staff. We changed rooms and they laundered our clothing, however we were not compensated for loss of property nor the room rate. They also later denied that it was ticks despite pictures that clearly showed it was a tick on their bedding.

I am the GM of the Doubletree Washington DC Hotel...I am responding to the one comment about bed bugs as it relates to our hotel...There has been 2 reports for the entire year of 2011 from guests about possible bed bugs...In both instances we took immediate action through a pest control company...In one case we did find bugs and we took the necessary action, throwing out the bedding and bombing the room...This has not been repetative complaint for us.

We stayed here the first weekend in August and got several bites on our torsos. I was so disturbed and kind of embarrassed that I didn't mention it while we were there but I did attempt to email the manager about the problem and also mentioned it in the follow up survey I received in my email. I've gotten no response but hope they've bothered to investigate.

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