District Hotel
1440 Rhode Island Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20005-5401

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Stayed in room 203 - 11/16-11/18

On the way to check out noticed a bed bug crawling on one of the two beds in the room.

Haven't noticed any bites yet but, want to set all my stuff on fire.

I have seen other reports of bed bugs in this hotel and will no longer be patronizing them.

I let the guy at the front desk know but all he did was smiled and said sorry, thanks!

Stayed here 11/3/2015 for a conference in room 115. Had bites on my thighs the next day. Not worth money I saved. Room windows were full of dust we couldn't even open them.

I stayed at this hotel with my husband from 27-29 July 2013.

Quite simply, this hotel is disgusting and should be closed down.

I woke up after the first night in the hotel with around 10 itchy bites on my legs. I thought they were just mosquito bites from walking in the city the night before.

But when I had another 20 bites the morning after, and my husband had bites as well, I carefully checked the bed and found bedbug droppings on the sheets.

I'm revolted that this place can be al

lowed to operate - on top of the bedbugs it is dilapidated and dirty and unsafe.

I ended up needing medical treatment for an allergic reaction to the bites, which made for a very unpleasant few days in Washington.

I advise you to find somewhere else to stay in Washington, and the health department should inspect this place!

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I stayed at the District Hotel on Friday, Oct 4 and Saturday, Oct 5, 2012 in room 112. I woke up on Sunday, Oct covered in bites and itching. I had some bites the morning of Oct 5 and didn't think much of it. I examined the mattress and did find a few small black flecks. Upon returning to my vehicle and bagging my clothes I had taken into the location, I found a live bed bug. I notified the front desk, but I am not sure they were planning to take action.

LOL... I actually stayed in that hole 30 years ago. I had a ground level room not far from the front office. The rooms were stuffy and held a particular odor. As a result, I cracked open a window to permit some fresh air to flow. At about 2 oclock in the morning, I awoke to the sound and sight of someone attempting to climb in through the open window. As I had been reading from papers attached to a solid clip board before falling asleep, I immediately grabbed for the clipboard and smacked it

down on a table next to the bed... the thump sounded much like a gunshot and the intruder backed out of the window and ran across a small parking lot behind the hotel... I was safe!!! The next day I checked in at the Holiday Inn just down the street.

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We stay here from Dec.17 to Dec18 , 2011 on the 311, 209 and 210 rooms and we found beg bugs. According with other report found above on may they had the same situation in the same room. Apparently they did not do anything about it. Please make sure to do a review of your hotel before you do the reservation.

I went to front desk and they said they haven't had before this situation. They only provided us with plastic bags to put the clothes and changed my room to 209. Even you found that

they are bed bugs is to late because your clothes and bags are exposed and bed bugs can be carry on it. After we do the check out we found that one member of my family was bited again them I conclude that they came with us in our bags or clothes.

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I was in the Distric Hotel 1440 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20005 in night 19 OCT - 20 OCT.
I came for the 4 day research conference. I came from Europe. My flight take 15 hours plus airport procedures at Dulles and travel from airport to hotel - so after almost 20 hour travel I was realy tired. I got 112 room, I have not even unpacked but simply gone sleep as fast as possible.
In 4.30 a.m. I awake. Something bited me and marching on me. In room there were no light but rather imitatio

n of light (wery weak lights). I think that it is District Hotel policy: no light - no bugs reported. I have seen many bugs, but they go after bed, and I killed only one - the slowest. I took photo of it and I have left it in rest room for evidence. Next I have left the 112 room about 5 a.m., but the manager do not refunded me any money for a stay. I think that it is because I am from Europe. Because they know that I am not from US so they do not carry for the people from Europe. So District Hotel is not only full of Bed Bugs and other bugs and ants but also they have active racial policy against foreigners. They were very unkind and were very unfriendly starting from the first minute they realized that I am from Europe not US.
After I have communicated that they do not return money - in the middle of the night - was still the dark before sunrise - I go to the nearest hotel I found: Holiday Inn asking for the possiblity to stay.
If you are not from US - do not go to such places like anti foreigners racial selecting hotel like District Hotel.

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I stayed at this hotel May 9-12, 2011. Room 311. I noticed a couple of bites on the morning of the 10th, which I figured were no-see-ums or mosquitoes from the night before. On the evening of the 10th I had a short nap and noticed more when I awoke to go out for dinner. At this point I inspected the mattress and found bedbugs scurrying around on the corners of the boxspring cover. I immediately packed up and requested a new room from the desk staff. They provided room 409 for the final nigh

t of my stay. The hotel manager the next day was very apologetic and refunded the cost of my entire stay. I also overheard the maintenance person there who inspected the room advise that both rooms were to be quarantined for 3 weeks and the bedbugs to be eliminated immediately. Overall I thought their response to the situation was very professional and correct. I would like to also be fair and point out that I have encountered bedbugs on other occasions in some very high end hotels. The District is a fairly old hotel and a bit shabby, but I get the sense that the staff are doing a good job with limited resources. I would still recommend the hotel for its value and location, but in general caution everyone these days to inspect the beds and surrounding areas in ANY hotel for these pests. I now have over 50 bites showing up on my arms and torso, and have a couple of weeks of irritation to deal with. One of the less glamorous aspects of frequent travel. Finally, if you encounter such a problem, act quickly and be sure to treat all your luggage as possibly contaminated when you arrive home: dryer for an hour on hot, wash and re-dry, including your bag(s) if possible!

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We stayed in a room on the first floor of this hotel Sept 29-Oct 2. On the last night of our stay, we saw 2 bedbugs on the nightstand and then found one in the bed. So gross! From now on, I know to always check first!

I was at District hotel and to participate of the American Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting at the Washington DC Convention Center. On the first day, at the Meeting, I started to scratch myself and red spots started to show on my arms. The itch was unbearable and I at the end of the day, I went to Virginia Hospital. The Doctor diagnosed me with Urticaria that could have been caused by an insect or food intoxication. I was back at the hotel about 1:30 am and went to sleep very tired, a

fter being for so long in the hospital. When it was 4:00 am, I woke up feelling a pain on my right fist. I jumped from the bed, turned on the lights, pulled the sheet and there it was: a bedbug that was looking like a ball, so full of blood. I tried to capture it with a piece of paper but it just blew, showing all my blood that it had sucked.
I was already medicated but, at that time, I could figure out what was really happening to me. I immediately packed my stuff and left the hotel and the manager immediately refund me for the whole amount I paid for my stay.
Even with the medication, the symptoms got worse and worse and, I felt really bad on my way back home. For about 2 weeks I couldn't sleep a whole night scratching myself. I looked for speciallized medical care and I still am going through treatment. The spots showed on my face, neck, chest, legs and back. I hope the scars on my body can disappear, because now, after healing, they are black and very ugly.

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I attempted to check into this hotel on Sunday, February 8. Upon entering room 416, I put down my bags and inspected the room. When I lifted up the mattress, I saw a bed bug fall onto the box spring and scamper away.

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