Days Inn Gateway
2700 New York Ave Ne
Washington, DC 20002

Found 4 reports:

5/20/2012, my wife had a few bites and find the bed bug. We caught the bug and shown it to the Inn people. He called the manager and get permission to refund the fee for this night. As for medical treatment, he printed out the direction for Providence Hospital health library, but we have to pay for it if we go to see doctor. This will end our 7-day vacation at day 2.

One of the worst hotels in history. Stayed here 2/10/12 through 2/11/12. Have bites on my arms, neck and head. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!

Stayed 3 days from october 26 to 28, found several bites on arms and head.

Found 2 bugs on my bed

Stayed nov 25-26th...found numerous bite marks on mid back/side, upper breast and back of knee. Also on face

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