Crowne Plaza Hotel Hamilton CP Washington DC
14th & K Streets Nw, Washington
Washington, DC 20004

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Stayed there on 6/21/13. I am not certain it was a bed bug, but just as my girlfriend pu lled back the sheets some small bug walked across the pillows. The staff and management were pleasent enough to give us a new room and comp parking. However we still felt the need to find a new hotel in the morning.

Please let me know if the bedbug problem has been cleared in your hotel, I have plans to stay at your hotel in July.

August 2011

I stayed for the weekend. When I found a bug crawling in the rug in the bathroom I didn't seem to really notice since it was only ONE little bug. However, I should have accounted that to a warning to how clean our hotel room really was. The next morning I woke up to huge bed bug bites on my back and arm. I didn't even bother to check the bedding sheets because I was too disgusted to stay any longer.

Stayed 1 night in room 739, woke up with bites on both ankles.

Found a bedbug in my bed on arrival. Reported it and was kicked to a suite. Stripped the bed like Gene Hackman in the end of The Conversation and didn't find anything in the new room. Slept soundly, and happy to say there were no bites.

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