Courtyard Washington Convention Center
900 F St Nw
Washington, DC 20004

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Currently 1:10am. Was working late night on the bed when around 1am I saw a bed bug crawling on the pillow next to me. The little sucker was definitely alive and flourishing so I killed it with a tissue and brought it to the front desk. The only thing the clerk could do for me was move me to another room and comp my breakfast that's in 6 hours. I'm almost glad to say I was up late working or else I would've woken up to some crazy bites in the morning.

I stayed in this hotel in March 2013. On the first morning after staying in the hotel, I woke up with three bites on my forehead. I dismissed them as mosquito bites after checking the bed - and my husband had no bites. On the second morning, I had two additional bites on my arm. Upon my return home, I continued to be bitten for over two months but since we still couldn't find any bed bugs, we weren't sure that it was that until we found a few in bed with us last week. This is after numerous visi

ts to the dermatologist and allergist and MANY sleepless nights. Exterminators are unable to find their location in my home and are coming to heat my house this week which will has a good success rate for treatment. When I called the hotel to report this last week, I was told by the manager that I would receive an incident report. I still have not received this report. I do not recommend that you stay here! If you have to, don't stay on the 4th floor!

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November 16, 2011, one night stay. Severely bitten (40+ bites.) After returned home I called the manager to report the bites. He claimed to check out the room and said there was no evidence of bedbugs. But after a week at home, there were no new bites so I must assume he was being less than truthful.

I have spent one night at this hotel and all of us were bitten heavily! My mum suffered the most!!! It is terrible!!! I will never ever stay in it!!!!!

Found a bedbug in sheets. Inspected entire bed, pulled up linens, mattress, bed skirt... and did not see any more, and we did not wake up with bug bites or any signs that we had been bitten. But I doubt this was the only lone bug in the entire hotel. I would not stay in this hotel again.
May 8, 2009 rm 1030

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