Comfort Inn Downtown Convention Center
1201 13th St Nw
Washington, DC 20005

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Stayed from 6/27-6/30. Had some itchy spots on Saturday but didn't think much of it. Wasn't till Monday that we saw the bug. Manager was decent enough to provide a full refund on the spot, but what a nightmarish hell this has turned into. I wasn't going to post cause I didn't think it was a big deal. I'm ready to burn down my house. We did everything right when we got home, but it's still a problem after 4 days. We have dealt with fleas on the cats, lice from school, ticks, mosquitoes, wasps, et

c... but nothing compares to this.

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I saw a bed bug on a curtain. Blood on the bed sheets. This is durin my stay from 27 April 2014 to 7 may 2014.
I have bed bug bites all over my body.
It must be noted that this hotel is more of a hostel housing black homeless families with children, this is paid for by obamacare. The hotel owner doesn't care anymore as he is raking his money in and therefore doesn't care about hygiene.

Devastated,75 bites.hope this helps someone

I stayed in Room 100 from 12/11/12 -12/14/12. I noticed bedbug bites the morning after I returned home. I called the hotel but there was no manager on staff. I will be calling back first thing Monday morning.

Stayed at this hotel and it had bedbugs. Stayed on the first floor. Am sure the staff knew they had bedbugs. The sheets had dark brown spots on them, (signs of people being bit and bleeding onto sheets). I had no idea about bedbugs till I got home and looked it up. The two bugs I saw on the walls of room were indeed bedbugs. I still have my suitcase in a tight plastic after having vauumed it out. Washed everything when I got home. Dates stayed were in June of 2012.

My stay was reimburse

d. It is still not reassuring of being able to stay anywhere now without this being a problem. :(

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I stayed there 8/6/12 through 8/8/12.

Room 710 or 712 - ? don't remember exact room.

We saw a small bug on the bed after the first night. Thought it was nothing. Next morning there was one on the second bed than another. Told the staff, they confirmed bed bugs and that they would fumigate room with a heater of some sort and remove mattresses. They did not charge me for staying but still trying to get luggage etc that I refused to bring home reimbursed. Manager has not yet returned my two c


Washed all our clothes in hot water before returning home. No one had bites as of yet. Still paranoid they are going to show up in my house now.

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room 404, i spotted one bed bug walking across the bottom sheet in the morning. staff reacted well but did not tell me
what they would do

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