Comfort Inn
1201 13th St Nw Nw
Washington, DC

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Stayed in room 308. Three days later, still covered in bites - no sightings of bugs in room. Having not dealt with them before it took another opinion to confirm what they were. Have since emailed hotel.

Checked in for the weekend of September 29- October 3. Didn't see anything that night, but woke up bitten all over. My husband didn't have as many bites, but he saw something crawling around in the box spring. So disgusting-- I wouldn't stay here.

We checked in september 3, 2010 got to the room and my husband was laying on the bed and ny son on the other. I noticed a bug on the pillow. When my husband picked up the pillow I noticed several bugs along the crease of the pillow. We checked the others and all of the pillow had the as well as the bedspread. He took 2 of the pillow to the front desk and let them know the room had bed bugs, where security officer quickly grabbed them and took them away without even looking at them. The gent

leman at the desk said they had never had this problem before. After looking at reviews on other sites there was reports for the same hotel in August 2010. My husband came back up to get my son and I (our son is special needs) and we left and went to Holiday Inn Express down the street and showed and washed our clothes. We notified the general manager Ms Early as well as Choice Hotels chain. The hotel does not have to answer to the chain according to customer Complaint section.

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June 7, 2010, 10pm. Room number 204.

I found a nest of bedbugs under the headboard and several in the bed. One was full of blood, I'm not sure if it was mine or had had a feed from another guest in the room.

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