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Stayed the night on July 12, 2015 on the 8th floor and discovered bed bugs on the morning of the 13th. I killed 2 in the bed and I found one crawling on the pillow so I placed the live one in a hotel furnished coffee cup for mgmt.
I thoroughly inspected the bed and I couldn't locate any additional bugs.

Severely bitten by bedbugs in November 18th and 19th, also on the 8th floor! Hotel refunded room costs, but insists no bugs found by inspectors (although refuses to share a copy of the pest report). Not impressed. Will not stay there ever again.

I found one bed bug in room 501 in my stay from Nov. 18-20. I took a picture of it, showed an employee at the front desk, and was immediately moved to a new room. Management said security would look into it, and presumably, if the room was infested, they would have an exterminator deal with it. The bug was reported to management on 11/19 and they hadn't looked into it as of 11/21, when I checked out.

I also stayed in room 881 and what a surprise I have bites all over me. I am about to call the manager and rip him a new one. You must be kidding me that they put people in that room. WTF

Update from my post on 10/31:

I just got off the phone with the hotel. They are going to refund me the charges. They also said that although their investigators didn't find anything they had the room entirely treated. So nice when a company actually listens to its customers. Due to this I would not hesitate to stay their again.

I stayed in room 881 on the nights of 10/29 and 10/30. I woke up the first day thinking I had been bitten by spiders but the second had over 15 bites and found the previous report. As with the previous report - I was bitten, but my friend also staying in the room was not.

I went and spoke to the front desk and they were incredibly helpful. The immediately changed me to an upgraded room. I filled out a report and the room has been decommissioned until an outside agency can come and rectify th

e problem. The hotel handled it really well. I stayed in the new room last night and woke up with no further bites.

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Stayed in Room 881 from August 21 - 28, 2013. Killed two in the bed the first night. Judging by the blood smears, they had already fed. Continued to receive bites to the lower legs throughout our stay. I was traveling with my elderly mother who was not effected.

This room was priced as an Executive room.

Stayed for two nights. My son left with itchy bites all over him. The spots still are popping up. Do not stay at this hotel. If you do- definitely check for bed bugs before you go to sleep!

Our family stayed there in August 2012 and we were all severely bitten by bed bugs there. We would not recommend this hotel. In addition, the room was not clean, towels were stained and smelly. The shower was clogged and the carpet looked dirty. This hotel saves on maintenance.

Bedbugs at $400 a night. I stayed there in July 2011 and came home with 10-15 bites. I called Hilton corporate and as well as the hotel directly - neither cared enough to get back to me. Simply gross. Stay elsewhere.

Was there for a conference being held at the hotel end of Sept 2010. Stayed for a total of 2 nights with the only times leaving the hotel was to eat dinner. The only parts of the room that I used were the bed and the bathroom. I woke up the second evening with itchiness on my legs. Upon further inspection, I had a series of multiple bug bites along my legs, 14 total. They were in groups in the typical "breakfast, lunch, dinner" sequence. I reported this to the front desk manager. His first respo

nse was of disbelief, stating that the entire floor had just been renovated. He then asked if I would like to fill out an incident report, which I did and the security managers came and took pictures of my legs. They assured me someone from their insurance company would contact me within the next couple of days after they had completed their inspection. It is now almost 3 weeks later, and I have not received a phone call. The bites are finally subsiding, but I am afraid they will be leaving scars. Very unfortunate and hopefully a first and last experience.

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