Beacon Hotel
1615 Rhode Island Ave Nw
Washington, DC

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Sept 6th 2012 bed bugs in room 704. The management did nothing after I showed them myswollen arms from all of the bites. Do not stay here. My luggage and everything had to be thrown out.

I reported the incident on October 27. It's amazing to me when management of a hotel is either in denial or unwilling to recognize the truth. Because of a crowd at the checkout desk on Friday, the 28th, I elected to have my assistant call the hotel throughout the day on Friday to inform them that they should not rent the room and that there were bedbugs. No one took her calls (they wound up either as messages that "we'll have a manager call you" or wound up in the garbage). I took photos of

the bites and emailed them to my physician so that I could receive medication initially for the itching. Unfortunately, the number of bites was so significant, that some of the bites became infected and I have subsequently had to visit the ER for antibiotic treatment.

When the general manager returned my calls on Monday, he apologized for no one informing him on Friday and not returning my call until Monday. The hotel's response is untruthful that I waited three days to report. Later that day, the GM called me back and informed me that they had had the room inspected and there were no bugs but said that their exterminator did not bring the dogs and just did a visual inspection.

Sadly, I have spent over $500 on medical visits and drugs to rid myself of an infestation that clearly occurred during my visit and is still lingering. I also have pictures of some of the bites and would be glad to share them with management.

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Guest was contacted immediately after he made us aware of situation - 3 days AFTER he checked out. We had our pest extermination company come urgently to the hotel. They certified the room as having absolutely "no activity" for bed bugs. All our beds- mattresses and box springs - are equipped with bed bug covers and we are contracted be a certified extermination company to prevent any such incidents. The room has been reoccupied with no issues. This claim is proven to be completely false. Th

e guest was informed accordingly and we offered to send him a copy of the signed certificate.

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10/27/11. Multiple bedbugs bites suffered. Stayed in room 410. Management was unresponsive to multiple follow up calls from my staff.

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