Super 8
173 Ct-12
Groton, CT 06340-3432

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I wish I'd done more investigating regarding my experience regarding this specific hotel. I just came across this website randomly after being directed here while reading an article about undercover hotel procedures. Now Im putting the pieces together and Im now almost certain that after staying in this hotel some time ago, I had stayed inba room overnight that was infested with bedbugs.
In November 2013, I went to Foxwoods Casino in a neighboring town near this Super 8 hotel with a

group of people to celebrate one of their birthdays. The majority of the group stayed at the Casino hotel which was on the Casino premises, however I had traveled there with my boyfriend and my friend's room was already extremely overcrowded, so at the last-minute and at an extremely late hour (probably around 1130p.m. or so) after some searching on the internet, we found and reserved a room at the nearby Super 8 in Groton, Ct for a dirt cheap price. In the morning when I awoke I didn't notice anything different, but later in the day upon returning home a few hours later,and getting ready to shower, I looked in the mirror after undressing and saw a shocking sight. I had slept in the same clothing I went out in (always a sign of a memorable night when you pass out fully clothed with your stilettos still in). I had huge raised red circular welts all over the areas of my body where my skin had been exposed while sleeping the night before! I was too embarrassed to ask my boyfriend, as we had just begun dating not long before, but he didn't mention anything about having the same issue, and he has slept fully clothed as well but with long sleeves and jeans whereas I had in a short sleeveless dress on. I suspected I had been the victim of a bedbug attack but I didn't take any further action or investigate, which I regret now. I should have at the least called the hotel to complain and warn them about my experience (which Im sure they had probably already been made aware of as multiple people have also encountered bedbugs while staying there as guests.)
The welts started to clear up on their own within a week, but unfortunately one of the larger bites on my back left a permanent faint red scar on the small of my back where a cutout in the design of the dress has been. Moral of the story is to follow the advice of the saying "You get what you pay for." From now on Ill definitely be checking this website before my future travels. Thanks for the enlightening information! Safe travels everyone

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Stayed in room #204 - not sure if this is where I received them - I stayed Wed. night, noticed bites on Friday a.m. Stayed in different hotel on Thur. night.

Stayed in room 210 and woke up with bed bugs crawling on the sheets. Contacted the local health department.

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