Super 8 Motel
1202 N Main St
Lamar, CO 81052-2114

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The morning I left the motel (10/08) I noticed strange little blood streaks on the sheets. Shortly thereafter I developed over 200 itchy red bites on my arms and legs, and I suspected that the room had bedbugs; this was confirmed when I found one in my suitcase and one in my tote bag when I got home. I told the motel staff, and they were sympathetic about it and said they would follow the protocol to deal with it, but recently I got a letter saying that they hadn't found any bedbugs in room 212.

The bugs are hard to find, but I understand that it's essential to find where they are hiding, or else you can't eliminate them. I am disappointed that they haven't so far made the effort to find them. I hope they will...

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