Super 8 Greeley
2423 W 29th St
Greeley, CO 80631-8524

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My daughter and I stayed here on the weekend of October 15-17, 2010. I woke up the second night about 3:00 am with bites all over my legs. I turned on the light and saw 1 dead bedbug on the sheet. I then noticed bites on my arms, hands, and feet. About 50 bites in all. I contacted the front desk in the early morning and reported it. The young man at the front desk offered me a partial refund. I told him I was more concerned with them getting it takin care. I told him that I would hate to

have someone lay their infant or small child on the bed and get bit like me. I insisted that he looked at my bites to report to the manager on Monday. The manager called me early on Monday and was very sympathetic to the situation. She assured me that my room 216 and the adjoining rooms were "taken care of". They did give me a 50% refund on my stay also. Turns out that I was also allergic to the bedbug bites and had an allergic reaction on Monday. Missed two days of work. Quite a tramatic experience!!!

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