Super 8 Motel Colorado Springs
3270 N Chestnut St
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-5014

Found 2 reports:

Stayed for two nights on weekend. Only used bed one night but after that night I was bitten all over from bugs at this location. I have pictures of bites. I also thought I saw a tick on me in the room but I’m realizing now it was a bed bug

On 8/31 as we entered room 252, I flipped the bedspread over to find a bedbug with its trail. I called the manager, he came up to our room and confirmed what we saw and moved us to room 245. The manager saved the bed bug in a styrofoam cup to prove to the owner that there was in fact a bedbug in our room. The next morning I find out that the manager rented room 252 shortly after we switched. I did get a full refund back but I got the feeling that it was based on 'their discretion' which is why t

he bedbug rested in a styrofoam cup.

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