Super 8 Castle Rock Company
1020 Park St
Castle Rock, CO 80109

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8/15/2012 room 229 a bunch of bites across my back will report to the department of health hope my work will move me

checked in june 20th 2011 woke tues with a few bites. checked mattress etc... by thurs am had about 15bites and found one in the middle of the night in the bed............ went to office then and they said oh...........had that problem last yr... hello they said sorry by morning but that doesn't help with all the work ahead making sure they don't get into my home.......we will NEVER stay at this hotel again and scared to death to stay anywhere again but.......hotel number 224

I stayed at this hotel for 1 week from October 9 through October 15, 2010. On the 5th day I woke up with 2 bites on my arm. I knew of the bed bug epidemic as reported in the media, but didn't want to be too hysterical. Got home two evenings ago & woke up with 3 more bites. (I had taken my own pillow to the hotel, as I sleep better that way.) Checking online to confirm what bed bug bites look like, my bites look exactly the same. I called a pest control person who recommended I purchase a st

eamer, as temperatures above 120 degrees will kill the bugs and their eggs. Hopefully, I'll take care of the problem before they infest my home (cost to have a professional heat steam of my home will be close to $3,000.00.)

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checked in last night at 9:30 checked out with eleven bites on me at 12:30, gave desk clerk an envelope full of dead blood splatterewd my blood as just discusting. When i questioned the desk as to why they would rent rooms with bed bugs she stated they do the best they can witht them. Then she told me to leave or she would have me arrested for harrassment. I just retired and was moving my dog cat and myuseof to phoenix to a new home thionking I have these bedbugs becasue terrible own

er who stills rents infested rooms intentionallhy. hard to believe people like this still around for 59.00 a month. will cost me thousands just to deconaminate pets and my belongings. how do people like this sleep at night?? September 25th 2010.

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