Radisson Hotel Denver Southeast Tech Center
3200 S Parker Rd
Aurora, CO 80014-6200

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On day 5 of 7 staying in room 805 I started to get what I thought was irritation from the bed sheets. The day before check out I was covered in at least a hundred welts. The chigger sized bites lasted for several weeks.


I checked into my room and found a bed bug right on the bed linens. They transferred me to another room and did not offer anything other than an apology. I decided to stay the night after inspecting my next room. I regretted that decision around 1am when I couldn't fall asleep and had the heebyjeebies all night. I spoke with the front desk in the morning and told them of my issue. She didn't want to believe that I had bed

bugs and continued to say that until they proved it, they wouldn't be able to help. So, I showed her the picture that I took and told her that I waited for housekeeping to come up to confirm. Once they confirmed, I left the room. OOPS...now she was stuck. I asked for dry cleaning reimbursement and she couldn't make that decision . I was VERY upset and disappointed. They wouldn't even let me talk to a manager. All they kept telling me was that they would have that room treated. HELLO, I could care less about what you are going to do to that room! What about me?!? Your customer and guest?!? What if I bring these home with me? Nope...not going to do anything about it. Uggggg!

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9/8/11 I checked into the Red Lion at 3200 S Parker, Aurora CO at about 8:30pm. When I entered the room followed by my Aunt and Grandmother, I walked across the room and turned on a lamp on the desk and a "bug" scurried across the desk. I searched and searched as I am deathly afraid of "bed bugs." After about 10 minutes, I opened the drawer on the desk and there the little critter was. My Aunt killed it and I took it to the front desk. No arguement from them, relocated us to a different room

in a differenty wing. On Sunday at check out time, when I attempted to pay my bill, I was charged full price after being told I would be compensated and the young gal at the front desk tried to tell me that they sent the bug to a "lab" and that it was a cochroach. Now, I am not a bug expert, but this was no cockroach, it didn't have wings and was a very flat insect. According to all of the pictures on the internet, this was definately a bed bug. I will never revisit this lying, infested hotel ever again.

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