Quality Inn
1830 Black Butte Dr
Weed, CA 96094-9706

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My daughter has scabies-bed bugs! We stayed at the hotel June 24th, 2015. I am sickened and frustrated by this! My daughter is now missing a day of work and I had to take her to the dr. We had to treat her with chemicals on her skin and I can only conclude it came from this hotel. We did not think to look at the sheets and did not actually see any bugs, but she was in a different bed than my husband and I and she has them! This is a huge disappointment and inconvenience for sure. I knew we wer

e not staying in a 5 star hotel, but that should never matter! Now what?!

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I was employed at the Quality Inn for a vast amount of time. During my employment I was subject to numerous reports of Bed Bugs from the guests, housekeepers, and had seen them myself. Whilst examining a room, I was bitten. The management (East Indians) did nothing to correct the problem, even going as far as to "shut down" the rooms and not let guests stay in there UNLESS WE SOLD OUT ALL OF OUR OTHER ROOMS, then they would rent them out. I have worked in the hotel industry long enou

gh and know that the only way to rid a hotel of bed bugs in to keep the room at a constant temp of 300 degrees AFTER extermination. The hotel management is reluctant to do anything that may cost them money. Even knowing that the result of leaving bed bugs untreated is that THEY SPREAD into other rooms and multiply at an alarming rate. Always check your room before you lay down in the bed because they do stick with you wherever you go. Check BEHIND the headboard. Lift up the mattress ends and check under the fitted sheet. Please protect yourself and your family, the bites are horrible.

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Stayed at this hotel on May 31st of 2012. After waking up in early am to a bug crawling in my arm I quickly jumped out of the bed to discover multiple bugs crawling everywhere in my sheets. After googling what bed bugs looked like and realizing that my bed was infested with bed bugs we got the kid at front desk to refund our money. Unfortunely 4 days later I woke up to welts, bumps that were horribly itchy on my face, eye lids, shoulders , neck, arms and legs. So far after filing a formal compl

aint with choice hotels and them saying I will have to speak with the hotel manager. Nobody has called me back or even apologized. I am extremely pissed and after going to the dr and them telling that bed bugs bites can sometimes stay on your body for upto 6 weeks, I have decided to hire an attorney. Nobody should ever be put in this situation. All they had to do was take care of this problem when they first knew about it. Lack of concern, respect and professionalism has guaranteed them a lawsuit and me never staying at a choice hotel again.

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I use to work at quality inn and suites in weed ca I was cleaning a room when I saw black streeks on the sheets I looked it up when I got home on the internet and its bed bugs many of the rooms have bed bugs the rooms r so calld closed but they still let customers rent them its so gross!they need to be shut down!

One of two bed had bugs visible after coming into room after dinner. Between camping and hotel stays on our vacation, we had our share of bugs. But when my pregnant wife had bites show up the following week after getting home. Not knowing what they looked like, we did research and now know they were bed bugs. Now it appears the bugs followed us home as she is still getting bites weeks after our stay.

Numerous phone calls to Choice Hotels customer service and waiting for the hotel manager t

o return our calls/complaints - nothting.

Originally, I just wanted our money back for the stay but this has turned into a health hazard for my child-bearing wife!

Stay away from room 215!

We don't plan on staying at any of the Choice Hotel chains for a very long time.

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