Embassy Suites Hotel Walnut Creek
1345 Treat Blvd
Walnut Creek, CA 94597-2173

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Woke up about 5 days after staying at this hotel I awoke to find a couple of bites on my arm. Thought nothing of it, that after noon, I laid down and woke up with the most terrible iching around that area, Anne on my inner thigh, and groin. Thought it may br an allergic reaction to something, I went out and bought a tube of hydrocourt extra strength. Applied it to the bites for most of that evening, got up the next morning and went to the local er as I was on travel. Told them the ordeal,

and waited as the dr. Reviewed the books on my arm and other body parts that were affected. He came back and told me that it was a case of bed bugs, I went and got my prescriptions filled and went back to the hotel and asked to sleek with the manager, he said that he woud have my room cleaned and that it would be ready to return to when I got back form work that day. I came back and he said my room was ready. The manager requested a copy of my diagnosis from me, and I allowed them to make a copy, they were not happy when I showed them where the Dr. Had put on the papers " patient infected with bed bug bites". I requested to have my room changed and to have the hotel clean my clothes, his reply was that here were no bed bugs found by either his cleaning supervisor or the professional he had highered. He walked away, it took me calling the guest service for this chains frequent customers to get the room changed and my clothes cleaned. Only stayed here because the rest of my coworkers are staying here too. 9/10 Feb 2011

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