Venice Beach Suites & Hotel
1305 Ocean Front Walk
Venice, CA 90291

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Stayed two nights Sept 24 & 25, 2014. Noticed some bites after the first night but have never experienced bed bugs before so didn't look into it. More bites started appearing throughout the day and even more after the second night. I was pretty much covered & my bites were humongous and incredibly itchy. It put a pretty huge damper on the rest of my week-long vacation. Our stay was refunded and the manager was very embarrassed and apologetic. We really enjoyed everything else about our stay, so

it really is too bad this happened.

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Stayed five Nights in early June 2012. Got Bites the first couple of nights but didn't understand what they were caused by. Even though I I travel a lot, I have never had a problem before.
Then got moved to a new room with new bites continuing. Staff were understanding and sympathetic.
I checked out and when i called to get credit for nights paid, manager said he got aggressive with fixing the problem for those rooms. Manager also said they rented those rooms to new guests the next night and

they never had a problem. Overall I don't recommend this place until it is gutted and the problem eliminated.

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I stayed in room 306 at this hotel from January 25-February 4, 2012. I really enjoyed the great location right on the beach and the amenities of my room, but was really disgusted by the bed bug bites and disappointed by the way I was treated.

Unfortunately, bed bug bites can take up to nine days to appear. I didn't start feeling the itchiness until the sixth and seventh day. I didn't think anything of the itching because I get food allergies sometimes, but became really concerned on the 10

th day when the itching got out of control and the red welts had developed all over my arms, stomach, and face. I had taken a kickboxing class that morning and learned afterwards that the bites are exacerbated after exercise. I made a doctor's appointment and went in that same day to get checked out. My doctor said that the welts were from bug bites because of the raised centers.

I called the hotel and inquired if they'd had any reports of bed bugs in my room. The answer was, "No." They did have someone check my room and reported that there were no signs of bed bugs.

On the 11th day, I woke up with a few more welts and found a bright red bed bug on the white sheets. I spoke to the front desk and moved out immediately.

I wrote a letter and left a message for Andy Layman, the owner, requesting a full refund of my stay. He never apologized for the incident and treated me as though I was making up the whole situation, despite having the bed bug and over 100 bites as evidence. After I became upset, he did reimburse me for the stay and my $75 doctors visit.

This was such an inconvenience because I had to launder all of my clothes, spent over $100 at the dry cleaners for clothes that couldn't be washed , and had to clean all of my belongings. I'm still paranoid to this day whenever I see a speck on the bed or couch.

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Stayed at hotel on numerous occasions and have experienced Bed Bugs twice. I cannot go back due to them being unable to control the issue in this VERY old and not well kept hotel.

Owner offered me a free night, and then the asian guy at the desk told me to smoke a joint and calm down. Creepy Crawly Crappy.

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