Quality Inn Wine Country Temecula
27338 Jefferson Ave
Temecula, CA

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Stayed at Quality Inn Temecula for a week beginning approximately November 10, 2020. Saw ants in the room; room smelled unpleasant and wasn't very clean. In particular the curtains and carpet were extremely filthy. I began to get some type of itchy bites on my feet and ankles within a few days. Had to stay 5 days longer than planned due to car being fixed - the repair shop kept delaying.
As we were packing to leave, I saw a disgusting bug crawling along on the bottom sheet of the bed I slept

in and took photos since it looked strange and had 6 legs.
I compared my photos of the bug to photos of bedbugs on the internet - it's a bedbug.
Afterward I had several bites that were extremely itchy; they are still not healed.
The hotel knew we were stuck there and kept raising the room rate as well.
Stayed for a week, left November 16.

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