Super 8 Susanville Ca
2975 Johnstonville Rd
Susanville, CA 96130

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My husband and I (and our cat) stayed at the Super 8 motel in Susanville, CA on Friday, December 3, 2010. We had a nice room there, and the accommodations were comfortable. However, when I pulled the covers back that night I did notice what looked like some black specks on the bottom sheet. I pulled the sheet back, and did not see more. (It was almost midnight; we were exhausted and the motel was full.) So we slept fully dressed in the bed that night, using our own pillows. In the morning th

ere were a few spots of blood on the sheet on the side of the bed where I had slept--despite sleeping in my clothes--and my husband noticed some small bites on my back. He had no bites. We checked in back of the bed for bedbugs, but did not see any, so there was obviously not a big infestation. But we put the clothes we had been wearing in a trash bag and threw them away.

As we checked out, I reported to the desk clerk that I felt quite sure we had a few bedbugs in our room (#105), and they needed to check it out. She seemed quite shocked and said they had never had a report of bedbugs before. I have hesitated to report this to you, because I am not 100% sure there were bedbugs, although I did have several bites on my back. My husband is a physician, and he assumed they were bedbug bites.

When we got home we threw out the suitcase we had in the room and washed all our clothes in very hot water. We checked with the vet, and he could find no bedbugs or bites on our cat.

However, after that experience, I will not stay at the Super 8 in Susanville again. Unfortunate, because it is the only motel in town that allows pets, and was quite fine otherwise.

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