Howard Johnson Monterey Seaside
1893 Fremont Blvd
Seaside, CA 93955

Found 2 reports:

I'm writing an addendum to 08/05/13 just to inform the readers the manager in this location was accommodating and compensated our stay and clean all belongings contaminated by the room. The hassle to get this on your stuff is the bad part and to make sure not to bring all items inside your house and wash all items again when we got home. I hope Howard Johnson takes care of this. This location is a nice & reasonable property. Thank you for reading.

Room 104 woke up about 0115 am. Started feeling itchy. Then started checking the bed close. Saw an insect pressed it and blood stained the bed. Immediately grabbed tissue to check insect closer. Once contained, placed the evidence in the freezer and took picture after writing this report.

No nearby bug reports