Country Inn Santa Rosa
2363 Santa Rosa Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95407-6213

Found 2 reports:

I stayed here on May 23 2015. I found a bed bug on my sheet in the morning. I squashed it and had a blood spot. We shook our clothes out before we left. Hopefully we did not bring any home.

I stayed overnight on 09/22/2011.
when I got up the next morning, I found a bedbug on my pillow.
I went to the managers office and asked for my money back as I had paid for three nights in advance. They refunded the money except for the night that I stayed. They proprietors did not act surprised or apologetic. They just said ok.
I hope I did not bring any home, and I fee fortunate that I did not get bit.
It was very stressful, and a pain to properly wash EVERYTHING before I returned it

inside my home. I am keeping my fingers crossed !

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