Ocean Park Inn
2452 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405-3802

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I stayed at Ocean Park Inn from January 16 to 18, in room number 36. When I moved in I did not check for bedbugs.

On Tuesday, January 17, I felt some itches on both sides of my face. In the morning of January 18, it became clear that the itches had been bites from bedbugs. More spots in the face and on the arms appeared the second morning.

I reported the incident to the manager by phone a couple of days later. He said that the hotel "did not have bedbugs".

It took 14 days for the bites/

itches to completely disappear.

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My mother and I checked into this motel on 5 October 2011, I did a quick check of the mattress (which was wrapped in plastic and should have been a red flag,) but I found no bugs. The first night was fine, no bugs to be seen. The second morning I woke up to find three bugs in bed with me. I started tearing the room apart to find a bunch of dead bed bug bodies behind the headboard on the carpet, and also inside the nightstand drawer, they had been occupying this room for a long time . The bes

t thing I can say about this horrifying experience is that the owner appeared to be devastated as well and he assured us that he would be tearing out the carpet, replacing furniture and spraying the room. We didn't ask for a refund since we just wanted to get our of there as fast as possible but he gave us half our money back anyway. He was very nice and seemed sincere about eradicating the infestation, but nothing has eased my paranoia that one of those demonic bugs have hitched a ride home with me. Beware

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A friend and I stayed at the Ocean Park Inn on Lincoln Blvd on the 29-30 August 2010. Initially the place seemed clean and tidy as described in various reviews.

However, after the first night, my friend woke up complaining of itchy bites - after a bit of discussion we decided it may have been mosquitoes or something else, and I volunteered to swap beds with him.

After the 2nd night, I woke up covered in horrible itchy red bites - not only that, but my friend actually caught one of the litt

le bugs.

We put it in a cup and took it downstairs to complain to the manager. Basically his response consisted of:

- it's not my fault
- it's not my problem
- I can't give you a refund
- I'm not going to do anything about it

I have already pointed this out on both tripadvisor and the google maps review sections, and am trying to find other avenues to force the owner to take action.

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