Hotel Carmel
201 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA

Found 3 reports:

Stayed at the Hotel Carmel by the Sea on 6/2/2012. Based on the previous (2) reports, I expected the worst. However, I must report that no beg bugs were found after a thorough room inspection. Yes, the hotel is rather old, with dark/dingy rooms and furniture from the early 70s. But aesthetics aside, no bed bug issues during my stay here.

Found fully fed bed bug in room 10 minutes into my stay. Looked like a baby cockroach so though disgusted i let it slide. Disgusting. Woke up to bed bug bites all over. Room 404. Now I have to go through the fear of maybe bringing some home and having my house infested.

room 426..Massive Bed Bud infestation....One of the worst experiences of my life...Would never stay in this hotel again...

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