Holiday Inn Santa Monica Beach at the Pier
120 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, CA

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This was a few years ago (perhaps 4) but I woke up with very itch bedbug bites all over my body. I called and asked to see a female manager. She came up and I showed her that I was covered with bedbug bites. She said that they didn't have bedbugs at the hotel. It was pretty obvious that it was bedbug bites. And amazingly, was willing to refund my money or upgrade me -- which basically confirmed to me that they knew they had a problem but didn't want to admit it.

This was less than a year ago but I can't remember the exact date. I would have reported this earlier but I just learned of this website. I stayed at this hotel and was upgraded due to my status when I arrvied. The room looked very nice and clean, but I woke up to find about 5 tiny bed bugs on each of my pillows and many more on the bed itself. I caught a few in a glass and brought them down to the front desk. They did replace my luggage and offer me a free night, but I ended up with over 40 it

chy bites all over my body! Yikes!

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