Georgian Hotel
1415 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA

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For what it's worth, we stayed at the Georgian Hotel on the same dates - Thanksgiving 2011 - and had no problem at all. A very nice, clean hotel, BTW. with good service. Not surprising that a complaint like that would get their attention.

We stayed at the Georgian Hotel over Thanksgiving weekend 2011. After two nights at the hotel, I woke up with about 50 - 60 bed bug bites all over my upper body, face and hands. We informed the hotel and they were great about it. They moved us to a new room, paid for all our clothing to be drycleaned and inspected all of our non-clothing items for bugs. I do not know if they were ever able to find the bed bugs in our room, but I know that they were taking all the necessary steps to try to fi

nd and eliminate them. My husband ended up getting a couple of bed bug bites and my son had one, but I definitely got the worst of it. My family had not had any problems with bed bug bites before this trip, and we did not stay in any other hotels during our trip prior to staying at the Georgian, so although I never saw a bed bug in the hotel room, there is no doubt in my mind that I got the bed bug bites from our stay at the Georgian Hotel. But, again, the staff at the Hotel couldn't have been more helpful once they found out, so I really do appreciate that.

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