Super 8-Beach/Boardwalk West
321 Riverside Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5523

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I stayed here for one night (Sep 7th, 2013) in room 208. I woke up at 4 AM and the bed was full of bed bugs. I am not talking about couple of bed bugs, there were dozens of those bugs. I panicked and packed my staffed and left the motel immediately. Reception was not open at that time, so couldn't report this finding to them.

Now I have hundreds of bed bug bites all over my body and due to the huge amount of bug bites, I had to see a doctor today. I also called back to the motel, but they tot

ally ignored me. They said that I am the only one who is reporting this bed bug issue, and they haven't heard any complaints from other motel guests. I also asked what actions they would be taking for the room in which I stayed, and basically nothing as they haven't received any complaints.

So, if you ever stay in a motel/hotel that has bed bugs, report the problem immediately and also try to catch some bugs, so that you have some "proof".

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