Sea Breeze Inn
204 2nd St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-5406
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We stayed at the aqua breeze inn a couple weeks back for a get away and loved it! BAM, our home has bed bugs.

This motel is now called the AQUA BREEZE!!! The have had 2 complaints this summer or 2011 for bedbugs. They are all over the Santa Cruz paper Aug 26, 2011. I unknowingly rented a room here for a week so a friend could watch my pets while I was out of town. While he said he had no problems with bugs, pray for me, I am so afraid we will have carried some home with us....

I stayed at this hotel in October 2010. My first night, I awoke the next morning with tons of bites all over my body. I did some research on the internet and found out they were bed bug bites. I had never had my own experience with bed bugs ever in my life, so I looked up bed bugs and scabies on the internet. I knew they were not flea bites, so I assume it had to be bed bugs or scabies. After much research, I found out they were bed bug bites, and also found out that this hotel had a proble

m with a bed bug infestation, and not only that, there was this huge article in the newspaper about the problem at this hotel, and further went on to say that they were not cooperating with the court, and were in fact, in contempt of court for not cleaning the place up. Well, we went to the office to tell them about our bites, and they had their exterminator come to the room and upon further inspection, there were bed bugs in the mattress. Since hotels don't give refunds and we paid for a week, we were stuck there, They had their exterminator spray and fumigate and assured us the bugs would be gone. The next morning, I was covered with even more bites, it was worse than the previous night, it's like the chemicals caused the bed bugs to go into a frenzy! I went to the office and demanded my money back, which they did, but what made me so upset is the clerk/owner said they had never had a problem there with bed bugs and implied that we brought the bed bugs there, when she knows good and well they have a bed bug infestation at the hotel, and they are too cheap to correctly take care of the problem, they just want to make money. And after a month later, I still have all these little scars where the bed bug bites were and will probably have to get laser surgery someday to get rid of the scars. It angers me that they knowingly let people stay there with the problem, all because they want to make money, but it's unfair because people who stay there take these bed bugs to their own house and perhaps their kids take them to their friends houses or schools, etc. and these hotel owners are helping to spread the epidemic and they don't care. They should be shut down, not allowed to operate, and held accountable for their actions.

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I have been to this place but it seems fine...
I had no problems with bedbugs.. In fact I liked the room and it has a great location...
I posted this because I found some negative advertisement going on against this hotel....

SO just to let other people know...No problems at all.


Sept 2009 my housemate was dating a guy who lived out of the hotel. She stayed over in his room on two occasions. Within a two month period it became clear that our apartment was infested with bedbugs which were obviously primarily in her room (over 50 could be clearly seen). They were all tiny (larvae type) and so we know the infestation is new (eggs take up to a month to hatch). Plus the room is regularly cleaned and inspected (I'm a neat freak) and they were found in adjacent rooms as wel

l (mine). Threw out hundred of dollars of mattress/rugs/furniture etc when we moved and we still occasionally find dead bugs and larvae in our personal belongings and know for a fact that they are within bins of stuff waiting them out (can live for 18 months). This hotel is NOT telling people nor doing anything about it.

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Tuesday 02.24.09 8am. Room 204, in the larger 3 floor side of the hotel.I'm staying in a hotel next to the beach. I have never in my life seen one of these bed bugs before. I awake to find these tick like creatures in the sheets. I've been intermittently seeing these bugs on the bed sheets over the last 3 days. I thought they may a tick. I remembered my mother tucking me in as a child with the famous "Don't let the bed bugs bite". I did an internet research and saw the pictures identical to 4 bu

gs I caught and put in an empty water bottle. There is blood on my sheets from the bites. I've been ignoring as much as possible in hopes of sleep without fear. Now I am challenged to sleep. It's almost a game with when the bugs will come out. How many will come out and where will they bite me.
I'm disgusted.

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