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I woke up at 3:00 am, I felt like I'd been bitten by a flea so I turned on the lights and started to look for the culprit. There was nothing under the covers or sheets so I pulled off the next layer of bedding. In between the bottom sheet and matress pad, right where my pillow had been, there was a bedbug! I was so freaked out I packed up my four month old and left immediately. I probably wouldn't have even known what a bedbug looked like if I hadn't seen a special about them on the National Ge

ographic channel a few weeks prior.
When we returned home I washed everything that had been with us at the motel. I was grossed out for days after, and a little parinoid that I had brought them home with me. I don't think any made back with us however and I'm no longer feeling anxious.

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